NKFB Challenge Starts January 9th with Goal Setting

NKFB Challenge Starts January 9th with Goal Setting

New Year’s Resolutions come with more than one challenge.

It is this time of the year. How do your new year’s goals work for you?
Do they look like the list in the picture? That may be the reason it did not work.  And there are at least 3 reasons why it did not work. For one, they are not very “SMART” – as you may know that is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Based. And then there is another problem. It is a bit of a mixed bag, All Sorts, as the Brits call it; a dogs’ breakfast. In other words, a challenge.

Why do we set goals?

As life coach and change manager, I would say – to make a change, right? Most of the time, those changes are try to get you away from what you do not want. Sometimes to what we want. If those are aligned, you can really feel the power.. You will feel as if you got a few afterburners in your back, it propels you forward. If not, well, it all peters out and they are quickly forgetter


Focus is the next hurdle to overcome. A list of 10.. perhaps not. That is better kept as a memorandum, for when you are ready for your next goal. Ideally you cluster your goals into “areas of life” and look where the biggest gap is. Then zoom in on one, two, maximally 3 and dig in there really deep.

Consistency.. Hence 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge

Consistency when implementing your goals in of critical importance. You have to take the first step of the journey, and it isa journey. And then you have to keep going and “install” the new App in your brain – which takes about 30 days to “mature” and get accepted.  So you make sure you have a strategy, that tells you what your guiding principles are. Then you know, what to do when you hit a bump in the road. You already knew why, now you also know how. Therefore we have a 30 day fatburning challenge, to teach ourselves a new and healthier lifestyle.

So setting goals properly is not so easy, unless you know how. That is why I wrote a goal setting guide for people who are part of the NewKetoFatBlaster program. When you join the 30 day fat burning challenge starting January 9th, I will walk you through a “proper” goal setting process and give you the templates to do so.  You can SIGN UP HERE  for Free!

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