About XiberHealth

XiberHealth is about taking a systemic approach (call it holistic) to diagnosing and designing your lifestyle and use that systematically.

Then you can get you head around the overwhelming mess and the clutter about “living healthy.”

Healthy Life Style Performance Model.

I call it – Healthy Life Style Performance Model (HLSPM). Gleaned from Dave Hanna’s Organizational Performance Model, it gives you a clear process for diagnosing your health and life style situation, and allows you to design your lifestyle with intent. With your intent, not the one that someone else dreamt up for you.

Our biggest problem in taking care of our health is our lack of knowledge. In training terms, our unconscious incompetence – we simply do not know what we do not know. So we are lured from one point to another, depending on what gets advertised to us on TV or multimedia. Without using a model, you are “up the creek.” Worse, you may have happily lived your life and suddenly someone tells you are having a “disease.” Without a Model, you will be in the hands of the “specialist” – if it is a surgeon, he will want to cut you open. That is his job. If it is a general practitioner, chances are that you get the latest drug the pharma industry has wispered in her ear – maybe 10 years ago… And so on – you get the picture.

In Blog posts we will got through this model, from diagnosing your health situation, and looking why you are where you are, and then move into the step by step approach of getting the new you in place.

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