The new Revised & Expanded Edition of Wheat Belly being released!

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The complete updated Wheat Belly program is now available in the Revised & Expanded Edition of Wheat Belly! (For availability, see below.)

In the original Wheat Belly, I recounted how agribusiness and geneticists altered traditional strains of wheat, yielding the high-yield semi-dwarf strain that now dominates supermarket shelves. Consuming modern foods made from this plant yields peculiar, sometimes crippling, health effects, while dramatic benefits develop upon removing it from the diet. If you’ve been following the Wheat Belly conversations, you are no stranger to the huge successes people have shared on this lifestyle.

But lessons have been learned along the way in the marvelous worldwide grain-eliminating experience, lessons shared in subsequent books: Wheat Belly Total Health, Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox, the Wheat Belly cookbooks. The list of strategies we use has grown, strategies that have helped many more people lose the weight they want to lose, address residual health problems, address deficiencies caused by grain consumption but persist after their removal, go further in efforts such as cultivating a healthy microbiome.

So I have rewritten the original Wheat Belly, added the complete prescriptive program we now follow, expanded on discussions about hormonal health and efforts to cultivate a healthy microbiome, tweaked details of the diet, and added new recipes. Anyone who read the original Wheat Belly will recognize a lot that’s familiar, but you will also find plenty that is new. This means that the entire Wheat Belly program is now available in this single Revised & Expanded edition.

Wheat Belly has therefore been completely updated with new material that includes:

  • The FULL Wheat Belly program that we now all follow
  • New and delicious recipes to suit your Wheat Belly lifestyle
  • New discussions on topics such as hormonal health and cultivation of a healthy microbiome

Wheat Belly was the original book that turned the nutritional world topsy-turvy and exposed “healthy whole grains” as the genetically altered Frankenwheat imposed on the public by agricultural geneticists and agribusiness. The tidal wave of astounding health and weight loss successes has created a nationwide movement away from the destructive effects of wheat products. The Revised & Expanded edition now takes you to the next level for health, weight loss, and freedom from numerous diseases and prescription drugs.

  • Removing products made with modern wheat yields astounding and often unexpected benefits in health and weight loss.
  • Autoimmune, gastrointestinal, and mind effects top the list for conditions that improve or reverse with wheat elimination.
  • Weight loss can occur at a surprising rate, typically 15-18 pounds over the first month, when wheat is eliminated.

The new Wheat Belly Revised & Expanded editions is available for pre-order for release on Tuesday Dec 10 from:

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