Mind Movies and Health and Weight Loss

I have been using Mind Movies for years, including the great app they have to play them in the background of your screen.  I became a real aficionado after the Advanced Workshop with Joe Dispenza in Munich last year, who suggests that we all make a mindmovie of our future, and start to break the habit of being ourselves.  [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”1401938094″]. There I met “Mrs. Mind Movies” – Natalie Ledwell, or “Nat” in person.

Mind Movies for Health and Weight Loss

Nat told me about the amazing ride they have had with Mind Movies, and that they have a version focusing on Health and Weight Loss. Obviously, with the weight gain epidemic that we are facing, something to investigate. And it is really cool what they have put together. Special images, videos, emotional music and affirmations that help you to set your goals!


So, I asked her for an Interview – and she liked the idea. And so it eventually came about, and we had a google hangout together. Here is a picture of Nat during the interview.
Interview - Natalie Ledwell.00_01_27_24.Still001

Launch XiberHealth TV.

It was a good opportunity to launch XiberHealthTV – the place to bring things not so much known under your attention, since I a convinced it is an opportunity for us to change life for the better. XiberHealth is about systemic change for the better. There are many components that contribute to better results in health and longevity, what I will address in a short video in the next edition of XiberHealth TV. To make a long story short, below is the video where I introduce the interview. It will allow you to click and go to the full version. There is a special bonus for you there: There is an annotated transcript that you can download. Also, Natalie has a great offer for our viewers/listeners/readers, which is a 50% discount offer over here (link).
Here is the video:

So, exciting times in XiberHealth. Expect more opportunities to make Healthy Life Decisions. That is where it all starts.

See you soon – let me know what you think in the comments!

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