Kirk: From disability to dynamo

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Robin shared her husband’s life-altering Wheat Belly experience:

“I wanted to encourage those just starting out and getting through the difficult detox. If you are rethinking your decision, know that you are doing the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your family.

“This is a picture of my husband, Kirk. He is 50 and had plans of having to go on disability this year due to the extreme pain in every joint in his body. Walking was extremely difficult. He works 10 hours a day in lawncare. We thought he had lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Plus he suffered horrible gout attacks that would put him down for days. We ate what we thought was extremely healthy, but now we know that was wrong. He has been on blood pressure medicine, gout meds (x2), reflux medicine 300 mg twice a day, testosterone pills, pain meds and anti inflammatory drugs for 6 years. He would go up the stairs like a 90 year old man. We were in bed at 7 exhausted. He was miserable feeling this way and I was also. He and I both like to be active but our bodies say no.

“The picture on the left was March 2019 and the right is Jan 2020. We started Oct 13 2019 and by day 8 we stayed out of each other’s way. But day ten it turned around. By day 14 some body pain left, energy restored and by day 21 he was completely pain free!!! Praise God! Reflux and gout also gone. He was taken off all meds except bp. But now they are taking him off of those as his blood pressure is perfect.

“He has lost 36 pounds and 5 inches in his waist. Our weight loss slowed during holidays as we had some alcohol but back on track. You can see in the pic on the left it’s a fake grin due to pain, the one in right is the pain free happy man who now runs past me up the stairs!!!

“Don’t give up, everyday is a new and better day. Thank you Dr Davis and April for helping us through this and our Facebook family for all the amazing recipes and stories.”

You can appreciate that, despite access to healthcare and prescription medications, Kirk was no better off, continuing to be plagued with incapacitating pain and health conditions with dire long-term health consequences. I don’t believe that we can overstate the impact that the Wheat Belly lifestyle had on this man and the lives of this couple.

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