Will L. reuteri yogurt EXTEND life?

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Among the many powerful and life-changing effects of Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC PTA 6475 yogurt that increases oxytocin levels is a reduction in appetite, the so-called anorexigenic effect. If you experience this effect, you know that you have provoked oxytocin. And it can be quite profound. Food still tastes good, but you have far less interest in it.

Follow this reasoning: We know that, in numerous experimental models such as dogs and mice, reduction in calorie intake considerably lengthens life. Unfortunately, the same sorts of experiments have not been conducted in humans for obvious logistical reasons: length of time required, requiring participants to reduce calorie intake over decades, etc. Given the powerful cravings that emerge when calorie-restricted, is it even possible?

There are indeed people who engage in chronic caloric restriction. (You can find such groups through the CR Society website, for instance.) A relatively brief two-year long NIH-sponsored trial was conducted and yielded improvements in several metabolic markers but, of course, was not carried out long enough to prove whether or not longevity was achieved.

But here is a question: If oxytocin augmentation via our L. reuteri yogurt making results in reduction of appetite and calorie intake, could this, if conducted over an extended period, add, say, 10 or 20 years to your life?

Nobody knows, of course, but it is a tantalizing question to consider and not that far out of the realm of possibility, particularly in view of the extravagant improvements in health that we are witnessing. Everything resulting from our experience correlates with youthfulness: increased skin thickness, increased dermal collagen, thicker hair, accelerated healing, increased bone density, increased muscle mass, decreased visceral fat, decreased leptin resistance, increased testosterone and estradiol, reduced cortisol. Given the potent anorexigenic effect, does this mean those of us adding this unique strategy will also live longer in addition to regaining aspects of youth?

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