Wheat: Food from hell

Found on: http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2018/06/wheat-food-hell/

Wheat Belly has inspired a number of creative efforts over the years: the wheat belly portrait by artist Lesley Spanos; bread art; the song and video, Wheat Belly Blues, by James Winningham; and an irreverent poem.

We now add this gem of dark poetry from Prodos:

By Prodos

Oh Prince of Darkness
Your scheme is exposed
Your buns and bread rolls
Shall all be deposed!

The innocent lives
You callously take
Down your serpent of dough
That’s kneaded and baked!

Oh Satan be warned!
Now don’t get me started!
Your croissants and pastries
Are the Hell you’ve imparted

On the feeble of spirit
And the flesh soon departed
Oh Satan be warned
Now don’t … get me … started!

What’s next: The Wheat Belly ballet?

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