Wheat Belly saving Keoni over $16,000 per year

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Keoni shared an update on his Wheat Belly experience. If you haven’t yet seen Keoni’s inspiring video testimonial, you can view it here. After having lost 80+ pounds and being relieved of numerous health conditions, he has gained the confidence of spectacular health and therefore decided to opt out of conventional healthcare insurance:

“I’m saving $16,000 a year on Wheat Belly.

“By being on the Wheat Belly program, I am saving so much money, its going to pay for all my food for the year and two 10 day vacations coming up soon. This wouldn’t be happening if we weren’t so healthy at our household. Let me explain.

“On my last doctor visit to go over my blood work, my doctor told me my blood work was not normal, that it was optimal! And that my blood pressure was that of a 20 year old. She then asked me what the heck I was doing. I told her doctor Davis’s name. She spun around on her chair, typed it in on the computer and asked me if this was the guy. I said yes! She stated I’m going to have to do this!

“Right after that visit towards the end of last year, I received my new healthcare insurance premium. It went from about $1,450 a month to almost $1,800 a month, or $21,600 a year. Yes, my wife and I happen to be self-insured. Before canceling our family’s health insurance, we joined a health share program.  It’s there for an emergency. We pay the first $5,000, they cover the rest in most cases.

“Our new health (share) premium each month is $450 compared to the previous $1,800 a month. We are saving $16,200 a year. That covers two vacations and food for the entire year.

“When we stick with the program, we get better. Some people more than others. In our case it enabled us to make a decision to break away from modern healthcare and save a large amount of money. You can say we are truly Undoctored. Thanks to the Wheat Belly lifestyle!

p.s. Now that I become Undoctored, I decided to play the part, my new UNDCTRD license plates are in the mail.

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