The Wheat Belly L. reuteri Skin Challenge

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I would like to offer you a fun and exciting challenge in skin health that has potential to smooth your skin, reduce wrinkle depth, increase sebum/moisture in as little as 3-4 weeks, changes that can be visible. We do this by ingesting the L. reuteri prebiotic fiber-infused (for higher bacterial counts) high-fat yogurt we have been making.

To join our Challenge, you must agree to:

1) Make the L. reuteri yogurt exactly as described in this Wheat Belly Blog post. Make sure that you start with the BioGaia Gastrus product (available through Amazon and other online retailers) that contains the strains that we know generate these effects, ATCC PTA 6475 and DSM 17938. (In other words, please do not use other commercially-available L. reuteri strains—They may be fine for other purposes, but we do not have evidence that they, like our preferred strains, boost oxytocin levels.) Make consuming 1/2-cup per day part of your daily routine for 4 weeks. (Add blueberries, other berries, a few drops of stevia, etc. to make it even more delicious.)

2) Take selfie photos at the start before you begin consuming the yogurt and after 4 weeks. Even better, take your after selfie holding up a plate of your yogurt—remember, our yogurt, made as directed, is thick enough to stand up on a plate, just as cream cheese would. Post your photos side-by-side on the Wheat Belly Facebook page or the Wheat Belly Blog.

3) Provide permission to use your photos and comments in Wheat Belly and Undoctored social media and other media. (We will need to obtain your email address to obtain your signed release. We can do this privately.)

We will choose 3 or 4 sets of before/after photos. If we choose yours, take your pick of one of the thank you gifts:

An Instant Pot DUO60 like the one here:









Or a gift certificate for $100 to either Whole Foods Market or Wheat-Free Market to buy Grainless Granola, baking mixes, cookies, Virtue Sweetener and other products.

Yogurt makers get started!

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