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I’ve written a new book about the microbiome that will be released in February, 2022. As many readers of the Wheat Belly Blog know, you can count on me to provide unique and original ideas that you cannot obtain anywhere else. You can find plenty of copycats out there but, if you want to hear it first and hear it right, you can rely on the information I provide. And much of it is literally life-changing, like my Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt that, made using the modified methods I developed, yields youth-preserving, age-reversing effects such as reduced skin wrinkles, accelerated healing, restoration of youthful strength and muscle, and increased libido. Beyond the unique properties of this species/strain, another reason why this yogurt packs such a wallop of benefits is because the prolonged fermentation and addition of prebiotic fiber to the fermenting mixture yield huge bacterial counts, 262 billion per 1/2-cup serving on our last flow cytometry measure.

I need a SIBO success story to include in the book, a personal story of how you beat SIBO using some of the concepts I advocate, such as use of the AIRE device to detect H2 gas on the breath, use of the herbal antibiotics I recommend, or consumption of the SIBO yogurt that I created that has more and more people reversing abnormal breath H2 and being freed of SIBO health phenomena.

If I include your story in the new book, I shall have a copy of the book sent to you (without charge, of course) when it becomes available in early 2022. Post your story as a comment here in the Wheat Belly Blog, as a post in the Wheat Belly Facebook page, the private Undoctored Inner Circle Facebook page, or private message me via Facebook. Just tell me the basics of your story; I’ll come back to you for more details.

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