Non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring a game-changer . . . for DIET

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Headlines over the past year have speculated over when Apple will finally release its non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) watch. Such a device has been hailed as a game-changer for people with diabetes, as no finger sticks are required, no needles, no blood.

It will indeed be a game-changer for ease of glucose management for people with diabetes, making blood sugar monitoring a snap. But it will also be a game-changer for diet. Let me explain.

NON-DIABETIC people wearing a CGM device will observe several phenomena:

  • They will see just how high blood sugar rises after a bowl of oatmeal. By finger stick, for instance, you can see a fasting glucose rise to 150-180 mg/dl within minutes in a non-diabetic. Diabetics can easily see 300-500 mg/dl. When non-diabetics see diabetes-like blood sugars after a bowl of unsweetened, stone-ground, organic oatmeal, they will understand just how destructive this food is.
  • They will see how whole grains raise blood sugar sky-high, hardly any different than white flour products. And they will see how frequently this happens, explaining why insulin resistance, visceral fat accumulation, and the phenomena of glycation develop (accelerated skin aging, cataracts, joint cartilage deterioration/arthritis, heart disease, dementia) with grain consumption.
  • They will see that fructose-rich foods such as agave nectar, high-fructose corn syrup-sweetened foods, etc. do not raise blood sugar immediately, but do so in a delayed fashion many hours to days later.
  • They will see how foods like pasta (i.e., durum wheat that is pressed and compressed) raises blood sugar less severely than bread or rolls (but still to high levels), but blood sugar stays high for many hours after consumption due to slower digestion of the amylopectin.
  • They will see how hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) results after high blood sugar. They will also understand that hypoglycemia is accompanied by intense hunger.
  • They will appreciate that low-fat or reduced-fat foods raise blood sugar higher than full-fat foods.
  • They will see that the common advice from dietitians to consume carbohydrate foods with proteins, fats, and fiber to blunt rises in blood sugar is nonsense: Blood sugar still goes high, but just a few milligrams lower than carbs in isolation. Remember: Less bad is not necessarily good.
  • They will see just how awful gluten-free processed foods made with cornstarch, rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato flour raise blood sugar higher than any other food, commonly making non-diabetics diabetic within a short time.

In other words, the ease and immediacy of a non-invasive CGM watch will expose the lies, misconceptions, and common misunderstandings of diet. It will spark a massive exodus away from the harms of low-fat foods and towards low-carb eating.

For our purposes, it will make becoming non-diabetic for type 2 diabetics darned easy, since the No Change Rule that we follow will be easy-as-pie to implement.

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