Kimberly’s Two-Month Wheat BellyTransformation

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Look at Kimberly’s dramatic transformation in appearance after just two months on the Wheat Belly lifestyle: the lateral dimensions of her face are reduced, her cheeks are no longer bloated, the around-the-eye swelling is gone and her eyes are bigger. She lost “only” 20 pounds but, judging by the “deflation” of her facial features, it looks more like 100 pounds—this is what happens when you reverse the body-wide inflammation caused by wheat/grain consumption.

“I didn’t recognize myself! This side-by-side spoke volumes! I’ve lost about 20 pounds so far. I was 237, now 217. I am 5’7” tall.  I have been physically struggling for over 15 years. I’m starting to become more and more active after years of extreme fatigue.

“I had Grave’s Disease in 2007 and my thyroid was treated/killed with radioactive isotope. The strangest part was that I gained weight. I should have lost weight.

“After a year had passed, I was still having terrible GI issues. Finally, my endocrinologist thought I could have a gluten intolerance. I started feeling better but still had setbacks. I started reading the Wheat Belly. It has taken me a lot of time but I am finally getting better! The minor hidden gluten was my biggest enemy.

“I am sleeping better. I have almost no joint pain. Vertigo is gone. I have more weight to lose, but I see a new me!”

Inflammation is responsible for much more than altering facial appearance, though that is indeed a big deal. By reversing inflammation, Kimberly has also:

  • Reduced/reversed insulin resistance—especially as, in the Wheat Belly lifestyle, we also address other factors that improve insulin responses such as magnesium, vitamin D, and the microbiome.
  • Reduced blood sugar—and thereby reduced glycation that accelerates aging and developing of numerous diseases such as knee/hip arthritis, heart disease, and deterioration of vision.
  • Reduced potential for cancer, as chronic inflammation drives the phenomena leading to carcinogenesis.
  • Reduced potential for Alzheimer’s dementia, also a condition driven by chronic inflammation.
  • Slowed aging and its associated phenomena

Yes: Kimberly looks like an entirely different person. But she is also physiologically transformed in so many wonderful ways. Wouldn’t you love to be present when people who haven’t seen her in a few months see her? I can only imagine the gasps and compliments.

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