Go Ahead and Eat Until You’re Satisfied

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That’s a bold statement—eat until you’re satisfied—in a world in which just about every nutritional authority tells you the opposite. But conventional advice was created by the uninformed to deal with appetite-stimulating opiate effects from wheat and grains. Remove wheat and grains and appetite recedes dramatically and calorie intake drops off without effort. There will be no mad scrambles for food due to overwhelming hunger, no sneaking ice cream in the middle of the night, no hidden snacks around the house. No more anxiously counting minutes until lunch or dinner. There will be no rolling, rumbling stomach growling and gnawing at your resolve. You will be largely indifferent to food, hunger nothing more than a gentle reminder that it might be time to eat something. You will even forget to eat at times, unconcerned if you miss a meal. You’ll find the previously daunting prospect of fasting—not eating at all—effortless. You will also begin to recognize the manipulative nature of the constant barrage of food advertising, all meant to further fuel the insatiable appetite created by wheat and grains, advertising that you will increasingly find incomprehensible.

Compound this with the appetite-satiating effects of unrestricted fat intake, and you will find that you feel satisfied even without trying. Eat fat on pork, purchase high-fat ground meat (never lean), cook with lard or bacon grease saved from breakfast, eat egg yolks with the whites, and add organic butter and coconut oil to anything and everything, from morning coffee (whipped with an immersion blender) to smoothies. And while every- one else at the office nervously eyes the clock for lunchtime, you decide to go for a walk. They shamelessly pounce on the bagels and doughnuts while you walk right past them to enjoy the fresh air, trees, and birds.

Many people, so accustomed to not following dietary rules, ask questions like “How much fat can I eat?” or “How much food intake should be protein?” You are going to find that these are unnecessary concerns. Banish all wheat and grains, avoid added sugars, manage carbs, don’t limit fat, eat unprocessed food, and everything else falls in place.

The key factor here is to not just not limit healthy fats and oils but also consume more fats and oils. The greater your fat and oil intake, the more appetite is suppressed, the more blood sugar drops, the more insulin resistance reverses, the more weight is lost—and, no, you do not develop heart disease.

Sausage, pepperoni, bacon, salami, ham, and deli meats contain the preservative sodium nitrite that upon cooking reacts with proteins in meat, yielding nitrosamines that have been linked to gastrointestinal cancers. This is a confusing issue that is often misinterpreted. For instance, nitrates, a closely related compound, occur in green vegetables and are converted into nitrites, or NO2, in the body to nitric oxide, a beneficial compound that reduces blood pressure and yields other health benefits. This has caused some to dismiss the issue of nitrates and nitrites. The problem is not the direct ingestion of nitrites or nitrates but when the heat of cooking causes nitrites to react with the meat yielding nitrosamines, such as N-nitrosoproline and N-nitrosothiazolidine, and other compounds that cause gastrointestinal cancers in experimental models and are associated with cancers in humans. Nitrosamine exposure also occurs with cigarette smoking and is responsible for effects such as insulin resistance and nervous system damage.

Choose meats that are processed naturally without sodium nitrite, often containing nitrates that do not react to form nitrosamines in meat. Also avoid meats (particularly sausage and deli me meats) that contain wheat, cornstarch, and other hidden grain ingredients.

Don’t worry: You cannot overdo healthy fats. Understand that the widespread advice to cut dietary fat sets you up for health and weight-loss failure. Just give it a try: Eat a fatty cut of beef or pork, fattier than usual, and see what happens to hunger. I’d be shocked if you had room for dessert. I’ll bet your first response to hearing the details of this lifestyle was to declare something like “I can’t do this. I can’t just cut out entire food groups!” I hope that you now appreciate that, first of all, they weren’t meant to be food groups for humans in the first place. Second, cutting out fats that satiate sets you up for health and weight failure. Go completely against—yes, the grain—of conventional health advice, and you will be empowered in extraordinary ways.

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