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Gary, founder of Wheat-Free Market, shared his 8-year update living the Wheat Belly lifestyle.

The passing of Labor Day weekend marked 8 years since I began my grain-free journey to weight loss and better health. In these years I haven’t had a single bite of bread, pasta, pizza, or cake, unless they were made with the ingredients we have come to love as alternatives to cereal grains. The profound changes in me resulting from this simple dietary change are what drove me to create Wheat-Free Market Foods, so I could offer others not only food products but recipes to support this lifestyle.

“I cringe when I see pictures of the ‘old’ me, a jovial guy full of self-deprecating humor, i.e. ‘fat jokes,’ poking fun at himself before others could have a chance to do so. I was the good-humored chubby suburban dad, heading towards diabetes, heart disease, and a life sentence of medication. But then I lost some 75 pounds in the first 4-6 months after following the recommendations of Wheat Belly.

“I admit I began this journey for weight loss, but I soon learned it would prove to be much for profound than that. The other things I experienced would be the real drivers of why I chose to stay the course for all of these years.

“One of the most remarkable things is that I have only had the common cold for two days in these eight years, when I used to get at least three whopping colds per year that would each last 7-10 days. I used to be a ‘mouth breather’ as my sinuses always seemed to be perpetually clogged. Now I breathe freely through my nose. It is also reported that I rarely snore anymore! Come to think of it I haven’t had the flu either.

“I no longer have bouts of insomnia, and I sleep so much better such that I sleep less on the whole, and get up earlier and feel much more productive.

“Afternoon brain fog seems to be a thing of the past, and I am no longer tired and drowsy in the evenings after a day at work.

“Oh, headaches! I used to get a good 3-4 headaches per week. A bottle of Tylenol, just like post-it-notes and pens, were a regular item on my work desk. I don’t know if I have had even 10 Tylenol tablets in total during these years!

“Digestion… that’s a biggie. I can eat a lot of food on occasion, without the bloat and discomfort. I can just be full. I have to imagine that I suffered from IBS, not realizing there was even an issue until it was gone.

“Skin rashes and itchy spots… gone. No more heat rash during hot summer months either.

“Here’s a weird one: nail biting. This is really out there, but whatever desire I had to bite my fingernails is just no longer present.

“Lower back and leg pain are gone. I don’t know if this is dietary or related to weight loss–but it is a thing of the past.

“Occasionally my gums would bleed from brushing. Gone. Never now.

“Appetite. This was one of the things I noticed the soonest back in 2011 when I started. I used to be the guy at work asking about lunch plans as soon as 11am. Now I regularly skip meals without even noticing. I am no longer tied to thinking about food and when my next meal will be. This is so liberating! I still love and enjoy food, but it just has a new meaning for me in my life.

“As to medical markers, my blood pressure and heart rate are perfect. HDL cholesterol is up and triglycerides are down. Fasting blood sugar is fantastic.

“So when people ask, ‘How do you do it?’ I think ‘How could I not do this?’ I definitely don’t want to bring that list of ailments above back into my life. No way!

“I hope your grain-free journey has or will be as profound as mine!

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