Death by donut

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I don’t mean that you will be struck down by simply stepping into a Dunkin’ Donuts. I mean that donuts and others things wheat and grains will substantially abbreviate y0ur life, or at least make your time on earth a lot more miserable.

I’ve been accused of exaggeration to get the no-wheat, no-grain message through. But if you see what I see every day, I think that you would agree: The consumption of wheat and grains is entirely inappropriate for humans; we exchange near-term calories for deterioration of long-term health that takes numerous forms. And when you see lives completely turned around by banishing this thing that should never been added to the human diet in the first place, let alone endorsed by all official providers of nutritional advice, you can’t help but appreciate that wheat and related grains underlie an extraordinary amount of human illness and suffering.

I’m picking on donuts here specifically, as they represent a combination of so much that has gone wrong in the modern diet: the proliferation of wheat flour and sugar. What potentially fatal diseases have been associated with consumption of wheat and sugar? Well, that’s awfully easy, like picking on a three-year old—it almost seems unfair.

Among the potentially fatal diseases caused by wheat and grain consumption are:

  • Coronary heart disease–Oodles of small LDL particles form after the consumption of the amylopectin A of grains and the fructose + glucose of sugar.
  • Colorectal cancer–Dysbiosis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, i.e., disruptions of bowel flora lead to colorectal cancer over time.
  • Type 2 diabetes–Long-term, diabetes leads to coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, vascular disease and amputations/infections, peripheral neuropathies, blindness, and dementia, all of which can accelerate the end of life.
  • Dementia–Via several mechanisms including gliadin autoimmunity (“gluten encephalopathy”), endogenous glycation (i.e., glucose modification of brain proteins), insulin resistance (recall that dementia is often called “type 3 diabetes”).
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases–While not all inflammatory bowel diseases are initiated or perpetuated by wheat and grains, many cases are.
  • Celiac disease–If undiagnosed or if someone does not adhere to the diet, the risk for intestinal lymphoma skyrockets.
  • Autoimmune diseases–such as autoimmune hepatitis, pancreatitis, IgA nephropathy, type 1 diabetes in both kids and adults, and others
  • Neurological dysfunction–cerebellar ataxia that leads to progressive debilitation, then death; peripheral neuropathies that can lead to amputations and injury; seizures, especially temporal lobe seizures
  • Depression and suicidal tendencies–Some of the scariest examples of re-exposures reactions to wheat, for instance, are incessant suicidal thoughts after nibbling on, say, a sandwich.

Living the Wheat Belly grain-free lifestyle, you can appreciate, is not just a way to lose a few pounds or fit into a size 4 dress again. It can be a health- and life-changing experience that could even save or lengthen your life.

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