Another breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

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Sarah shared her photos and changes in health living the Wheat Belly lifestyle:

Today is 6 months grain and sugar free. I am down 35 pounds!

No more aches or swelling in my legs. My asthma is almost non-existent and I no longer require daily antihistamines for my allergies. I have tons of energy and sleep like a log.

“My skin looks better every day, no more breakouts. People give me a hard time about this woe. I know what works for me and will never go back.

“Still more weight to lose, but look forward to giving another update at the one year mark. The first picture is 6 months ago, the day before I started. So please with the results!

As often happens on the Wheat Belly lifestyle, people just look different: thinner, yes, but with different facial contours, “deflated” cheeks and the areas to the right and left of the mouth, less around-the-eye puffiness with resultant bigger eyes, clearer skin with less seborrheic redness in the cheeks, fewer blemishes. It is all part of the extravagant reversal of inflammation that is part of wheat and grain elimination, also evidenced by Sarah’s relief from asthma, allergies, and the restoration of energy.

Sarah is 41 years old, but I would have believed her had she claimed to be 27—restored youthfulness is another wonderful benefit of this lifestyle. Doesn’t she look fabulous?


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