Who’s smarter: You or the doctor?

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In previous years, it was safe to assume that your doctor was the most informed person about health in the room. In today’s world, this is simply not true. Hear what I have to say about this here. Given the new tools of the Information Age, you can be smarter than your doctor.

No living human can keep up with the information load coming at us like a fire hose and hope to provide up-to-date healthcare, no matter how hardworking, how fancy their equipment, or how many degrees they have.

Dealing with this boom in health information requires new tools to organize it all, put it to practical use, and extract maximum benefit.

In this modern age of information exchange, collective knowledge is at your fingertips, and you need to be your own best health advocate. The key to health is information collaboration, not relying on the presumed expertise of a single practitioner. The Undoctored approach is based on information collaboration and reaches very different conclusions from the advice of the doctor, billboards and ads from hospitals, different from the drug industry and different from other healthcare insiders who stand to profit from your health gone wrong.

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