Wheat Belly/Undoctored Success Story: Sherry

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In one year, Sherry has come a long way in weight, health, and appearance on the Wheat Belly and now Undoctored lifestyles. Here is what she posted recently:

“It’s my one year anniversary with the Wheat Belly and Undoctored programs, and I want to thank Dr. Davis for providing them. My prayers for weight loss and improved health have been answered, and I’m motivated to continue. Let me share some of my data:

Weight: I have lost 40 lbs.
Waist Circumference: I’m 6 inches smaller.
Fasting Blood Sugar: Down from 130 to 102
HbA1c: Down from 6.8 to 5.6
Triglycerides: Down from 124 to 51

“My quality of sleep, energy level, and mood are greatly improved. I no longer need 6 prescriptions for various issues. I’m down to none. My blood pressure has been problematic, but I’m following Dr. Davis’ advice on that. I’m enjoying shopping for clothing now, and I feel good in my clothes. I enjoy exercise now, and I’m participating in a 5K soon. I’m so happy that I began this journey when I did. My quality of life is so improved.”

Just becoming a non-type 2 diabetic is a huge change in the course of Sherry’s future: she will be spared all the complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and amputations, and accelerated dementia. And, with successes like this, people like Sherry regain their confidence, self-esteem, and a sense that they are in control of their lives, not the doctor, prescription drugs, or a disease.


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