Wheat Belly/Undoctored Cruise 2019: The best ever!

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We’re all just back from our 2019 Wheat Belly/Undoctored Cruise that proved to be the best ever.

Food was the standout item on this year’s cruise. In the four years since we started this cruise with Celebrity, the food on this cruise was nothing short of outstanding. Chief Executive sous chef Ricardo and pastry chef Danisha were assigned to our group, preparing spectacular dishes for us in addition to the huge variety of choices available in the buffet, main dining room, and around a dozen specialty restaurants. We were served, for instance, Wheat Belly grain-free breads at lunch and dinner, Wheat Belly pizzas in the buffet, and special Wheat Belly-compatible desserts such as chocolate mousse, strawberry cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake, coffee cake, chocolate-dipped cookies and plenty more. Pictured above is a corner of the buffet dining room in which an entire area was set aside for Wheat Belly grain-free, no-added-sugar desserts, mostly sweetened with monk fruit.

Most of the dishes, desserts included, were made according to my Wheat Belly recipes, but they were far more artful and tasty than my original versions. Danisha proved a genius at using almond flour, for instance, to create cakes that were so airy and light that you’d swear she used conventional flours. We grilled the poor woman to make sure she hadn’t, causing her to recite in excruciating detail just how she managed to make such delicate grain-free baked dishes.

At the end of our cruise, we polled attendees: NOBODY got inadvertently wheated. As I’ve often advised, it is easier to eat safely on the ship than it is on land. Waitstaff and chefs were impressively knowledgeable about being grain-free, avoiding sugar, and even cross-contamination.

Above is one of the Wheat Belly breads that were served, delicious spread generously with butter.

We had several Wheat Belly/Undoctored lunches and dinners with menus created specifically for our group. Here is one such menu created for one of our group lunches:


Here’s a delicious chicken pate served as a side-dish at lunch:


A slice of flourless chocolate cake at one of our group lunches:


One of our many workshops and cooking demonstrations:


The cruise was not only about our Wheat Belly/Undoctored workshops and food, of course, but included all the cruise-related activities such as the evening shows—comedians, musicians, dancers:


One of the four ports along the way, this one in Cozumel, Mexico:


Alas, after a glorious week of food, terrific company, stimulating discussions and, admittedly, a bit too much wine, we had to say goodbye. A view from the rear of the ship:


Places for the 2020 Wheat Belly/Undoctored Cruise are already filling up. The 2020 cruise will be on the Alaskan route, rather than Caribbean. We will also likely rename the cruise to accommodate an expanded program that goes even farther into a variety of groundbreaking health topics, so stay tuned for details.

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