Wheat Belly Lost and Found

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Gail initiated an enlightening string on the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox Facebook page in which she shared something she lost on the program, then something she gained while following the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox and lifestyle. Here is how it unfolded in the first few hours:

“I could easily post a ‘before’ and ‘now’ picture. However, I find that most of us have so many more NSV than scale victories.

“So, on that note, to encourage newbies to keep on keeping on, let’s all post at least one thing that we’ve lost and one thing that we’ve gained on this journey to health. I’ll start.

Lost: acid reflux
Gained: better skin tone

“Your turn!”


Lost: pain in my joints
Gained: a flatter belly

Lost 40 lbs but more important gained strength and muscle!

Lost: allergies & regular chest congestion
Gain: I can climb a flight of stairs and breathe when I reach the top.

Lost: chronic hives
Gained: less cravings and nighttime snacking.

Lost: lots of “unexplained” pain that I was told was arthritis.
Gained: control over feeling good as opposed to feeling crappy.

Lost: Digestive issues, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog.
Gained: Healthy skin, energy, control!

Within the first week LOST debilitating leg and groin cramps that had me jumping out of bed at least 2 times nightly for years. Love the Magnesium Water!!

I’ve lost cravings.
Gained: more confidence and a flat tummy.

Lost all intestinal issues, from acid reflux to hemmorhoids.
Gained: improved eye sight!

Lost: debilitating brain fog that caused difficulty learning, racing thoughts and very dark thoughts about myself.
Gained: a clear, sharp, focused mind.

Lost: 5 prescription meds
Gained: hope for a healthy future

Lost: 20 lbs and joint pain
Gained: energy and focus

I saw one of my doctors a couple of days ago and she kept talking about my beautiful growing skin (I had a mask on) and how bright my eyes are. This program works!

Lost: asthma attacks and trips to ER
Gained: breathing 😘

Lost: Swollen feet and “cankles.” Also heartburn, swollen knees and near constant sugar/sweet cravings.
Gained: a much less co-dependant relationship with food

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