Wheat Belly Cruise 2016: A huge success!

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Now that the 2016 Wheat Belly Cruise is over, I wanted to recap how it all went for those of you who would like to consider joining us in 2017.

First of all, the food: spectacular! The Wheat Belly Cruise organizer, Paul MacInnis, and I met with executive chef, Victor, as well as several others among the nearly 160 or so culinary staff. While they were incredibly well-versed in gluten-free practices, we had to bring them up to speed on our grain-free, no-added-sugar lifestyle. They were interested and energetic, whipping up almond flour-based chocolate cake and other goodies for us, for instance.


Beyond this, the food ship-wide was wonderful: fresh, delicious, with incredible variety. The staff in the formal dining room accommodated our needs without hesitation, including hosting three Wheat Belly lunches with menus that were created especially for us. Food choices in the buffet were varied and clearly labeled with “gluten-free,” “no sugar added,” “lactose-free,” and “vegetarian” to help navigate the impressive selection. I ate all my breakfasts in the buffet and had no problem finding healthy foods that fit into the Wheat Belly lifestyle.

wb-cruise-labels(Yes: the label should read “corned beef hash.”)

Of the 14 specialty restaurants on ship, I had dinner at Qsine with its unique, playful form of presentation, The Lawn that felt like eating at a golf club, and Murano, an elegant and delicious experience including the best filet mignon I’ve ever tasted. (Below is one of the dishes being prepared table-side.)



Of the ports of call, my favorite was St. Maarten. We toured the coastline by boat, then snorkeled off a small island. The sea was aqua and clear and nearly as warm as bathwater with plenty of fish to view. St. Thomas was also very nice—below is one of its many beautiful beaches.


There was no shortage of choices in bars and alcoholic beverages on the ship. Cellar Masters is an elegant cherry-wood wine bar with dozens of open bottle wine choices (nitrogen-maintained). There are also martini and mixology bars, and lounges with entertainment. My choice of grain-free cocktails was Ciroc (grape) vodka martinis–fabulous! Every night, there was a major entertainment event that included a band that played music from Journey, another from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, as well as comedians, dancers, and acrobatics.

Of course, Wheat Belly Cruise attendees came for a Wheat Belly experience and not just to live it up in tropical paradise. While at sea, I therefore hosted several workshops that covered everything-you-need-to-know to succeed living the Wheat Belly lifestyle: shopping, purging your kitchen, cooking, baking, reading labels, counting net carbs, navigating probiotics and prebiotic fibers, how to choose nutritional supplements, etc. We hosted cooking demonstrations, such as one given by the chief pastry chef shown below demonstrating how he makes grain-free bread and pizza.

The cruise also provided a chance to meet and interact with people who have already undertaken the Wheat Belly lifestyle with fabulous results that they wanted to share, such as weight loss of 60-130 pounds, reversal of rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions. Yes, we all had a spectacular time, but the cruise also allowed everyone to leave the cruise with complete confidence that they can maximize their health and weight loss results living the Wheat Belly lifestyle and doing it right!

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