Undoctored: The code on health has been cracked

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Here’s another excerpt from my new book, Undoctored: Why the Health Care System Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor. Undoctored seeks to set you free from the predatory practices of the healthcare industry by helping you achieve ideal health, weight, and day-to-day functioning.

Undoctored: The code on health has been cracked

Many modern doctors hold themselves up as all-knowing, capable of managing every aspect of health, from delivery to death, from vaccination to senility. I know because I was guilty of this. The “I’m-the-doctor, you’re-the- patient relationship” has been frozen in time since the days of Hippocrates. Despite the high-tech image, old-fashioned methods are still used to maintain paternalistic authority.

All of it seems positively fossilized in an age of immediate information access, on-demand videos, drone deliveries, and the democratization of discussion via social media. The information tide has shifted. Public ignorance in health may have been the rule in 1950, but rapid dissemination of information in our age has usurped this lopsided relationship, making the paternalistic doctor-patient relationship of the past as relevant as trepanation (drilling holes in the skull—yes, a real practice) to treat migraines.

The truth is: You have access to the same information as your doctor. And it doesn’t involve leafing through dozens of thick volumes of the Index Medicus and then having to retrieve a study from dusty stacks of medical journals, like I did during my medical training.

So what if we combined the newly found informational freedom provided by Internet search capabilities with the human feedback tool of social media and the rise in direct-to-consumer testing that circumvents the doctor, then threw in a little benign guidance from sources that do not seek to profit from providing it? You might just be on your way to wielding considerable authority over your own health.

Unquestionably, there are situations in which doctoring and the healthcare system are needed. If you are bleeding, injured, or struggling to breathe with pneumonia, some old-fashioned suturing, bone setting, or antibiotics can still do the trick. Nobody around here is going to try to replace their own hip joint or treat a urinary tract infection with salves and tonics.

But it’s these less-than-interesting health issues for your doctor that are wonderfully and safely reduced, reversed, and—dare I say it—cured by a handful of simple strategies that you can implement on your own. You’ll be spared the annoyances and dangers of the healthcare system, and because you are obviously not trying to profit financially, you will remove layers of unnecessary costs. You will also find personal health challenges far more fascinating to deal with since they involve you.

Let’s be absolutely clear: I propose that people can manage their own health safely and responsibly and attain results superior to those achieved through conventional health care—not less than, not on par with, but superior.

You will see that the Undoctored process turns the health equation around 180 degrees by providing an approach that first restores head-to-toe health in unexpected ways, reversing numerous health distortions, many of which you are likely unaware that you had, as well as many overt health conditions. I predict that your Undoctored efforts will dramatically reduce your need for health care while helping you to feel better (and even look better) and sparing you from hundreds of health issues.

So turn on the reading light, get cozy in your chair, grab the remote to switch off the medical drama airing on TV, and prepare to be enlightened and know that your future will be brighter and healthier, all because you decided that you’ve had enough of being a source of profit for the healthcare system while never really receiving health in return and that you are going to take back control over your health and fate, all Undoctored.

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