Undoctored: Giving back control over individual health

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The new Undoctored book is scheduled for release this coming May 9th, 2017, a book that shows how you can be freed from the bonds of a predatory, profit-seeking healthcare system.  Here’s a bit more from the book, now available in pre-release.


Undoctored: An excerpt

Unquestionably, there are situations in which doctoring and the healthcare system are needed. If you are bleeding, injured, or struggling to breathe with pneumonia, some old-fashioned suturing, bone-setting, or antibiotics can still do the trick. Nobody around here is going to replace their own hip joint or treat a urinary tract infection with salves and tonics. There are also situations that are beyond our reach, such as childhood cancer, congenital defects, and lung disease from smoking cigarettes. There are even occasional healthcare professionals who, despite the biases of their education, understand their role as healers, not as cogs in this flawed, profit-seeking wheel. But I’m not talking about those situations. I’m talking about more common and costly (in total) health issues that plague modern humans, from constipation to migraine headaches, from eczema to erectile dysfunction, from acid reflux to plantar fasciitis, from acne to attention-deficit disorder. These are the problems that bore most doctors silly, certainly never portrayed on TV medical dramas. Doctors are more eager to see exciting, better paying problems like heart attacks, colon cancer, brain tumors, and kids swallowing peculiar objects. After all, in most hospital healthcare systems of the twenty first century, physician pay is tied to hospital revenues, a bigger end-of-quarter bonus, for example, for generating more MRI scans, surgical consults, organ transplants, and other big ticket services—regardless whether they are truly needed or not. (The Institute of Medicine reported that, in 2009 alone, $209 billion was spent on unnecessary medical services, $75 billion was lost to fraud, with many more hundreds of billions lost to inefficiencies, inflated pricing, and excessive administrative costs. The dollars spent on the unnecessary and dishonest in healthcare nearly match the total dollars spent by the U.S. military every year.)

But it’s these less-than-interesting health issues for your doctor that are most amenable to us as individuals, health conditions that are eminently, wonderfully, and safely reduced, reversed, and—dare I say it—cured by a handful of simple strategies. You’ll be spared the annoyances and dangers of the healthcare system and, because you are obviously not trying to profit financially, you remove layer upon layer of unnecessary costs. You will also find personal health challenges far more fascinating to deal with since they involve you.

I got my first taste of the power of individually determined health 25 years ago when, despite being a faculty member at a teaching hospital and having been board certified in internal medicine and cardiology, I inadvertently made myself a type 2 diabetic with severe distortions of cholesterol values and triglycerides when I embraced a strict low-fat, vegetarian lifestyle dominated by vegetables and “healthy whole grains.” I have since reversed all of these dietary distortions by following a few basic health strategies, not a single prescription drug involved. And it was easy.

Let’s be absolutely clear: I propose that people can manage their own health safely and responsibly and achieve results superior to that achieved through conventional healthcare—not less than, not on a par with, but superior. Although you may find this proposal brash, if my experiences with thousands of people over the last decade are any indication, the great majority of people who adopt a handful of simple strategies can obtain health that is vastly superior to that obtained through conventional means with drugs and procedures, not to mention the awful message that passes for modern dietary advice. You will learn that, for an astounding and long list of health conditions, the code has been cracked. I propose that everyday people can achieve startling results without prescription drugs, without hospitals, without medical procedures, by largely sidestepping the doctor, using information and tools that inform, measure, and support self-directed efforts. And it’s relatively easy, inexpensive, safe, even fun.

It is something that was never before achievable, part of the rapidly changing landscape of technology. Such an idea would have been impossible, or at least hazardous, just 10 years ago. Only now is it becoming a reality. Empowerment of the individual in health is really just one aspect of broader waves of change that include self-driving cars and the celebration of non-celebrities through reality TV and YouTube. (Surely you’ve seen the “Evolution of Dance” and “Chewbacca mom”?) Computerized autopilot systems have been used to fly and land jetliners for years, technology has powered innovation in healthcare as 3-D modeling of drugs and remotely-operated robotic surgery, virtual nobodies perform for national TV audiences to show off impressive talents, but modern innovations have not yet been fully exploited to empower the individual in health. Well, the time has come: the tools of technology, coupled with a critical mass of new information and crowd interactive potential, have reached levels that now allow the everyday person to take back personal control over health.

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