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I am looking for personal stories that describe how you experienced a health problem, then–on your own, without the doctor–tracked a health measure such as blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep phases, etc.–then overcame/corrected this health problem yourself.

I would like to share your story (if chosen) on a national stage to help demonstrate that, if given access to information, online collaboration, and new health tools that allow us to track various measures, an individual can exert enormous personal control over health.

Some examples to illustrate:

  • Your doctor diagnosed you with type 2 diabetes due to high fasting blood sugars and/or high HbA1c . He/she advised you to begin one or  more oral or injectable medications to reduce blood sugar. Instead, you use a common glucose meter to reverse type 2 diabetes (such as using the strategies in this Wheat Belly Blog discussion).
  • Your doctor diagnosed you with high blood pressure. He/she advises that you begin a diuretic, beta blocker, or other drug to reduce blood pressure. You decline. You start measuring and tracking your own blood pressure on your own, then taking self-administered steps (change in nutrition, weight loss, exercise, nutritional supplements, better sleep management or tracking, etc.) that reduced blood pressure to normal levels.
  • You were diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by your doctor, who found no problems during endoscopy and colonoscopy, so prescribed an anti-spasm drug, acid suppressing drug, an antidepressant or other drugs that yielded little to no relief from the frequent and inopportune diarrhea, as well as abdominal pain. You read that probiotics are sometimes helpful, so you add that on your own and symptoms diminished by 50% or more. You identify the dietary triggers of your attacks and find that they are typically triggered by sugars and grains, so you eliminate these from your diet. Within 4 weeks, you are freed of all your symptoms.

I would like to choose a few of these stories to share with an audience. If I choose your story, I shall have a copy of the new Undoctored book sent to you.

To share your story, post it on any of the following:

The Wheat Belly Blog–as a comment (which requires that you provide your email so that I can contact you)

The Wheat Belly Facebook page

The Undoctored Blog–as a comment (which requires that you provide your email so that I can contact you)

The Undoctored Facebook page

As I can only choose  handful of such stories, let me thank everyone ahead of time for taking the time and energy to share your story. This is part of my effort to help spread the word that YOU can take the initiative in personal health and often obtain results superior to that obtained through conventional healthcare.

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