Thinner, healthier . . . and younger

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Time and time again, people following the Wheat Belly lifestyle report on their wonderful weight loss successes, fitting back into old jeans with smaller waists, thighs, and other measurements, while also enjoying a wide range of health improvements.

But something we have not talked enough about are the AGE-REVERSING changes in appearance, flexibility, and day-to-day performance. Take a look at what happened to Di (photos above):

“It definitely works!! I started in April, have lost 25 kgs [55 pounds] and never felt healthier.”

Clearly, much of Di’s improvement in appearance is due to weight loss. (The difference in lighting in selfies is always a challenge, as well.) But look at each of Di’s photos independently: She looks more youthful in the “after” photo: smoother and moister skin texture, eyes less puffy, facial features more sharply defined.

Much of this is due to the reversal of inflammation that develops because removing wheat and related grains also removes numerous inflammatory factors such as gliadin, gliadin-derived peptides, glutenins, wheat germ agglutinin, amylase inhibitors and other allergens, and insulin- and visceral fat-provoking amylopectin A.

Di accomplished this with the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox approach. The strategies in this program alone powerfully restore youthful appearance and performance.

For those of you wanting to obtain results like Di’s, start with the basic Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox program, supported by a private Facebook page that you can ask to join. Then consider joining our discussions on the Undoctored Inner Circle in which we take age-reversing strategies even further by focusing on issues such as oxytocin, specific efforts at cultivating bowel flora that restore youthful characteristics, and collagen augmentation.

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