The Informed Thyroid: Address Your T3

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It’s a peculiar, though not entirely unexpected phenomenon: You’d expect endocrinologists, specialists in glandular health, to be the champions of restoring optimal thyroid status. Instead, they are the most misinformed and neglectful.

Much of this is due to their ignorance of the emerging science that has emerged over the past two decades on the impact of INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS on thyroid status, something they would not be aware of unless they examine the TOXICOLOGICAL evidence demonstrating that the thyroid gland and thyroid hormones are disrupted by common chemical exposures.

Ignore your ignorant endocrinologist and get your free T3 assessed and replaced. 80% of people on levothyroxine alone will feel happier, lose weight, no longer feel intolerably cold, and regain improved metabolic health. It’s really SO easy.

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