The Calcium Hoax

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You’ve been told by doctors, TV ads, and the nutritional supplement industry that you must take calcium to preserve bone health and avoid osteoporotic fractures later in life. Seems to make sense, doesn’t it? After all, bones are largely made of calcium.

But is it true? No: the evidence tells us that calcium supplementation does not reduce bone thinning, does not increase bone density, and does not reduce fractures. It does, however, at least according to preliminary evidence, increase cardiovascular death, as calcium also goes to the arteries and heart valves. Once again, conventional healthcare botches up health, just as they have with prescribing the wrong diets, choosing drugs over health practices, putting revenue generation ahead of delivering genuine health.

In the Wheat Belly and Undoctored lifestyles, you also become very effective at absorbing dietary calcium, so it becomes especially important that you do not supplement calcium on these lifestyles. The solution to obtaining sufficient calcium is therefore to incorporate all the components of the Wheat Belly or Undoctored lifestyles and obtain all the calcium you need from diet.

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