Sweet Revenge

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Sweet Revenge 

We have learned in the last few months that nearly 5 decades of research on heath and nutrition were shaped and directed by the sugar industry. We now understand that fat was wrongly demonized for commercial gain and that sugar consumption–the real cause underlying the surge in type 2 diabetes, weight gain/obesity, heart disease, dementia, and some forms of cancer–was essentially allowed to balloon in the American diet. You can read about this on your own here:

From the New York Times

From the Journal of the American Medical Association

It is part of our mission to make the natural sweeteners in Virtue Sweetener available so that you and your family can get “sweet revenge” by recreating favorites such as cookies, muffins, pies, and cakes without the dangers of sugar exposure. So add Virtue to your desserts and enjoy delicious treats without exposing you and your children to sugar!

And please help let others know about this nefarious nutritional duping of America by sharing the links above.

Help Us Spread the Word

You can help us by asking your local grocery stores, specialty food shops, or other retailers to stock Virtue Sweetener. This will not only help us provide you with a more cost effective way to purchase your own supply, but you will be doing your part in helping get Americans off their addiction to sugar.

So please tell your local grocer about Virtue and the great taste of monk fruit extract. You can ask your local retailer to contact Gary from Wheat-Free Market directly at info@wheatfreemarket.com or (973) 589-9200.

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