So Much to Gain by Giving Up Grain!

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Elimination of grains can do more than just free you from the health-impairing effects of the seeds of grasses.

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We are not grain-free supremacists; we are people who have removed the yoke of impairment placed on us by the easy, accessible, and addictive products produced from grains.


Grain-free performance means that you can be freed from common impediments to performance such as joint pain, swelling, bloating and gas, water retention, and mind fog, leaving you able to run longer, jump higher, think more clearly, and focus longer and more effectively. It can also mean renewed libido and erectile capacity for men, less bothersome menstrual cycles and menopausal symptoms for women, as well as reinvigorated libido.

You name it, and there can be enhanced performance in that sphere of human endeavor.

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  • Improved Sleep— Many people experience relief from the sleep-disruptive effects of restless leg syndrome. Removing grains in the form of unnecessary carbohydrate intake reduces spikes in blood sugar that often cause night sweats and interrupted sleep. Weight lost from visceral fat experienced with grain elimination can provide relief from the sleep disruption of sleep apnea, reducing snoring. Longer and deeper sleep means better dreams and improved daytime function.
  • Better Moods— The roller-coaster ride of moods is reduced or eliminated after you lose the prolamin protein– derived exorphins. Moods are smoother and more appropriate to the situation. They’re not the wild and inappropriate moods responsible for regrettable conversations, unjustified anxiety, angry outbursts, and tearful confrontations of the grained.
  • Heightened Mental Clarity and Alertness— Getting rid of grains means you are no longer being doped. Getting rid of the morphine-like byproducts of gliadin and related prolamin proteins from grains means you no longer must contend with the mind fog, distractibility, difficulty sustaining attention, and diminished alertness that they bring.
  • Amped-up Metabolism — This usually takes between 4-6 weeks to take effect.  After the initial 4 to 6 weeks of grain removal are over, glycogen reliance has been replaced with fatty acid metabolism. Living without grain amylopectins translates into greater reliance on burning fat stores. Even slender people have pounds of stored fat to draw on for energy, a virtually limitless source compared to what we get from glycogen. And burning fat is how you maintain a healthy weight, not by adding to it with the blood sugar and insulin effects of grain amylopectins.
  • Increased Muscle Mass — This gain in muscle can be experienced as a substantial reduction in waist and hip size unaccompanied by a commensurate loss of weight.
  • Increased Energy —Unfortunately, energy is not something formally assessed through clinical studies, so there are no such data to cite. Although it would not be a far leap to speculate that the removal of the mind-clouding effects of exorphins derived from gliadin and related grain proteins, reductions of blood sugar and inflammation, improved sleep duration and quality, and correction of hormonal distortions would all add up to wonderfully increased energy levels.
  • Enhanced Libido — Saying “no thanks” to the basket of bread at the start of a romantic dinner is better than any aphrodisiac. How? Wheat elimination reduces estrogen and raises testosterone in men and reduces abnormally high estrogens in women, resulting in increased libido. 


Going grain-free will yield in improvements in performance which apply to just about every setting and situation that you can imagine, from the classroom to the office, from the tennis court to the golf course, from the basketball court to the football field, and even to the bedroom.

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Yours in grainless health,

Dr. William Davis

PS: Living a grain-free life still means enjoying delicious and affordable foods. I have some great recipes to share with you from our friends at Wheat-Free Market: 

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