Sharon thinner and healthier DESPITE the doctor

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Sharon shared her wonderful story of success living the Wheat Belly Total Health lifestyle and the feeling of showing her doctor how real health and slenderness are achieved.

“On the topic of ‘undoctored’:

“Saw a doctor today I haven’t seen since 2015. She said in a confused, joking voice while looking at my chart, ‘We must’ve had your weight wrong in 2015 unless you lost over 60# since we saw you.’ She chuckles. I laugh and reply, ‘Yup, I did.’ Actually I’ve lost almost a hundred since 2014. Her jaw just dropped.

“This was my very first doctor visit in 25 years where I didn’t get a weight loss lecture or made to feel unhealthy and all of the other things you’re made to feel when your 100+ pounds overweight…felt pretty good I must say. They were all curious on how, what, why, so I shared. They said that must’ve been so challenging. I said no, actually it’s been the easiest thing I’ve done. Once I realized the advice I’d been given on weight loss my whole life was actually wrong and killing me, it was easy to change. I shared how much I love the foods I eat and encouraged them to make the changes before they’re sick. Of course I also shared what started my journey, one purchase changed my life, Wheat Belly Total Heath!

“Was a great visit. I skipped right out of that office. I have the freedom found only when you no longer need doctors because you understand your health is in your hands. Have a great day!”

Wheat Belly Total Health laid the foundation by detailing the steps to take beyond wheat elimination. But stories like Sharon’s fill my inbox every day, people who have reversed impressive amounts of excess weight, gotten rid of lists of health conditions and prescription medications, while looking and feeling better than they have in decades. Sharon’s experience perfectly illustrates the evolution of the Wheat Belly and, most recently, the Undoctored, books and programs.

One of the things that impresses me is that people like Sharon succeed in weight loss and regaining magnificent health despite their doctors. In other words, it sounds like Sharon got the usual health advice to “move more, eat less,” “cut your calories and fat,” none of which works for weight loss and certainly does not restore health. So Sharon did it on her own, essentially doing the opposite of what doctors told her to do. And look what happens.

Sharon is slender and healthy despite the blundering advice of the medical community. If you have good information, the potential for participating in a collaborative community (like this blog, the Wheat Belly Facebook page, etc.), and can begin to incorporate some of the new health tools that are appearing every day (e.g., self-inflating blood pressure devices, health apps that track sleep quality and can be used for biofeedback; direct-to-consumer lab testing, etc., much of which is discussed in the Undoctored book)—magnificent health and slenderness can be easily achieved.

Sharon pays her doctor to receive blundering advice. Imagine you took your car to the auto mechanic and he failed to fix your car, giving you useless advice such as “You don’t need to change the oil,” or “I don’t know why the car doesn’t start–it’s probably your fault.” Would you still pay that mechanic and keep going back for more insulting, useless advice?

Then why do you need the doctor?


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