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Now that my book (Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor) has been out and hopefully in your hands for a few weeks, I hope you will join my UNDOCTORED VIDEO CONTEST.

How do you participate?

  •  Shoot and submit a video – with you on camera, sharing your story (in under 3 minutes) and any health changes you’ve experienced.
  • Share a “before” photo you might have.
  • Share who you are, why you bought the book and what your experience has been.

You’ll submit your files here and once it’s approved, you will share it with your friends, family, social media – anyone and everyone you love and who will vote to support you. The goal is to have the most votes in the gallery of videos.

This is your chance to share your unique message with our global community.

The voting will begin very soon, so get your video done and submitted before June ends! You’ll have only 18 days to submit your video – from June 20th — July 7th. Then the voting will start.

Your story may get shared on our Facebook Page and Group, Twitter, maybe on the blog and inspire thousands and thousands of people.

Further, if you’re one of the top 3 highest vote getters in the contest, you will win one of three memberships to my Undoctored 21-Day Program. The two best videos will receive access to the full 42-Day Undoctored Program.

(The Undoctored 12-Day Program is a bold online experience to further amplify all the lessons provided in the Undoctored book. You can achieve extraordinary results in restoring and maintaining individual health this way. To learn more about the program, click here.

Be ready to drive friends, fans and your entire community to vote for your video once voting begins.

More details to come, but you can submit your personal video starting June 20. Get ready!

Here’s to your best life – and your courage to inspire others with your story.
Dr. William Davis

(If you haven’t bought the book yet, click here to grab a copy. It’s less than $10 on Kindle. )

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