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Filmmaker and author Tom Naughton has created yet another brilliant –and hilarious–work about diet. This time it’s a book aimed at kids called Fat Head Kids.

Tom’s Fat Head movie has become a documentary classic for anyone interested in diet, low-carb diet in particular, with its signature humor, wit, and ability to cut through the nonsense that defines conventional nutritional thinking. If you have not yet seen Fat Head, I urge you to do so. Tom has the unique ability to educate by applying plain talk and logic while splitting your sides–I predict that you will watch the movie several times and have everyone in your family do likewise.

Tom now brings his talents to Fat Head Kids to help kids–and adults–understand how conventional diet arguments became so wrong and how the real message is so simple, easily justified by the science, and effective. The book reads like a storybook, telling the story of diet logic gone sour, while showing that the answers in diet are really a pat of butter away.

The book is filled with gems of logic and humor, such as:

It’s no fun being a fat kid, period. If you’ve been getting fat, I know you want to change that. And I’ll bet at least a few people have already told you why you’re fat and what to do about it–like the classmates who explained it to me.

“Nice boobs, fat boy!”

“Maybe you should skip a meal now and then.”

“Or get off your big butt and move a little.”

What these helpful young men were telling me is that people get fat because of a flaw in their character. They like to eat, so they eat too much, and then they get fat. So to lose weight, they just need to apply some willpower. Eat a little less, exercise a little more, or both.

Now . . . let’s suppose these guys grow up and become doctors, or dieticians, or personal trainers–and they learn it’s not polite to make fun of fat people. They’ll probably still give the same advice, especially if they’ve never been fat. Only now that advice will sound almost like science:

The book is also beautifully illustrated, all created by Tom’s wife, Chareva.

Even though intended for kids, this book is also perfect for any adult who also wishes to understand why we persist in hearing such dietary fictions such as “Move more, eat less” or “Cut your fat and cholesterol.” Anyone who reads Fat Head Kids will come away with a clear understanding of healthy eating and why following advice like the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans is a recipe for disaster. Imagine Tom’s book became required reading in school–you might just witness a marvelous transformation in their health, appearance, weight, and learning.


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