Re-post: Make L. reuteri yogurt

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People seem to be having a tough time locating the Wheat Belly Blog post in which I summarized how we make the L. reuteri yogurt, so I’m re-posting it. Remember: It’s NOT about yogurt; it’s about a means of amplifying the counts of a specific bacteria that possesses unique properties. To maximize bacterial counts, the recipe to make the yogurt therefore includes a prebiotic fiber and prolonged fermentation, very different from conventional yogurt. And, no, NONE of these benefits come from consuming conventional yogurt.

(Coconut milk is tougher to work with.   You will also need to preheat the coconut milk in a saucepan to 180 degrees F; add 3 tablespoons powdered gelatin and stir until dissolved; cool to 100 degrees F, then use a stick blender for 30-40 seconds to emulsify the oil; add crushed tablets or two tablespoons of a prior batch.)



We then consume 1/2 cup per day. I have mine with fresh or frozen blueberries and a squirt of stevia. The end-result should be thick and delicious, better than anything store-bought.

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