Preventing Cognitive Decline and Dementia

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The understanding of cognitive decline and dementia has advanced considerably over the past decade, despite the drug industry’s numerous failed attempts to develop a drug to treat the condition. But a successful effort at preventing, even reversing, cognitive decline and dementia requires a multi-faceted approach that involves diet, correction of nutritional deficiencies, exercise, learning new skills, and a number of other efforts.

This is the first in a series of videos exploring all these issues, all designed to arm you with the best information available. The remainder of the series will be posted on the Undoctored Inner Circle membership website.

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We are entering a new age in which the individual has astounding power over health–but don’t count on the doctor or healthcare system to tell you this.

We draw from the health information of the world, collaborate, share experiences, collect data, and show how to apply new health tools to achieve levels of health that you may have thought unattainable. We do all this at a time when conventional healthcare costs have become crippling.

The result: personal health that is SUPERIOR to that obtained through conventional means.


We’re going to be introducing a series of videos and conversations on how to not have cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s dementia. We’re going to take some of the lessons learned from Dr. Dale Bredesen’s ReCODE program (a lot of new lessons there), also some things that we can do better, and some things that I don’t agree with. We’ll talk about all those things, but we’ll take the best of the ReCODE program and see if we can teach us any new lessons for our Undoctored experience.

Those conversations will unfold; it’s a rather complicated conversation that will come out over several videos. Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE program has many many many moving parts in it, so we can’t cover in a single video or a single written conversation. We’ll do this in a series.

I wanted to start by reassuring you that if you’re just doing the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program — the basic components of the Wild-Naked-Unwashed program — you have already gotten off to a terrific start that is very powerful for prevention, or even reversal of cognitive decline, perhaps also dementia. The Undoctored program, by the way, overlaps almost perfectly with Dr. Bredesen’s core program, so I think that tells us we’re on the right track. I have seen early dementia, not advanced dementia, but early dementia reverse, or at least partially reverse.

All the things you do in the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program, that is:

  • Grain and sugar elimination: that’s huge, because it’s anti-inflammatory. A big driver of cognitive decline and dementia is inflammation. By going grain-free sugar-free we drop inflammation dramatically. If you were to track inflammatory measures like C-reactive protein or interleukin-6 or tumor necrosis factor (TNFα) or other measures, you would see them drop precipitously, as inflammation recedes, and risk for Alzheimer’s with it.
  • Vitamin D: vitamin D is at the top of our program; is among the most important. It is also in the ReCODE program. It’s not entirely clear why it’s so protective. Part of it is its effects on neuronal (nervous system brain cell) growth. Also it’s anti-inflammatory, and a lot of other effects. So vitamin D’s at the top and list of supplements that protect you from dementia.
  • Fish oil; for its EPA and DHA, but especially its DHA, because your brain largely consists of DHA. We take fish oil, not flaxseed oil (flaxseed oil’s fine, nothing wrong with it, but it’s not a source of the DHA your brain needs) and krill oil — the quantity of EPA and DHA is too trivial to have the kinds of effects we want. We want an Omega-3 RBC Index of certainly greater than 8%, ideally above 10%, the level that provides maximum, optimal, cardiovascular protection, and protection from dementia.
  • Cultivation of bowel flora: there is a mind-gut-axis, but even more so than that, having dysbiosis in some form is highly inflammatory. If you have dysbiosis: disrupted bowel flora composition, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, where the organisms have ascended all the way up the gastrointestinal tract, this is highly inflammatory. That’s why it’s associated with conditions like fibromyalgia, psoriasis, autoimmune conditions, IBS. All the steps we take to correct bowel flora composition, reduce inflammation, as well as provide other benefits, like reductions in triglycerides, blood pressure, and better emotional health.

If you’re just engaging in the basic Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program, you are off to a terrific start. We will talk more about the role of exercise, which is important in dementia protection, as well as other facets of health, getting adequate sleep (another factor), brain exercise, learning new skills, new information. We’ll talk about that in future videos, but I wanted to reassure you that just by engaging in the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program you have already, in effect, taken on many of the core basic strategies in the ReCODE program for dementia prevention and reversal.

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