Pickles like pickles are supposed to be

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In the Wheat Belly (and now Undoctored) lifestyles, we include plentiful quantities of fermented foods such as fermented vegetables, kimchi, kombucha, yogurts, and kefirs. This is part of our effort to “seed” and maintain our colons with the various Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria, Leuconostoc and other bacterial species, as well as fungal species such as Saccharomyces (kefir, kombucha). This is one of the strategies we follow to reverse the harm done to our bowel health and flora by grains, sugars, and other modern intestinal insults.

While lactate fermentation is really a very simple process to accomplish in your kitchen, it is still nice to be able to purchase some fermented foods for convenience. While I ferment tons of yogurt (to specifically cultivate L. reuteri, for instance, for oxytocin augmentation that thereby yields extravagant skin, bone, and hormonal health), I also purchase some fermented products.

The majority of pickles sold in supermarkets, including most other Kosher pickles, are not fermented, but simply pickled in brine and vinegar. They are therefore essentially sterile and provide no Lactobacillus or other healthy probiotic organisms.

Bubbie’s lactate-fermented Kosher dill pickles are therefore worth knowing about. Bubbie’s pickles are fermented. You can see immediately that the brine is thick and murky, representing the dense probiotic organisms floating around. Here is a jar after agitating, sitting in my kitchen window:

In addition to the organisms, they are fermented with their (secret and proprietary) mix of herbs and spices that yields a very tasty end-product. You will pay a premium (I paid $6.99 for a jar, compared to non-fermented brands that typically run about a third of this price), but the convenience and taste are worth it.

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