Paging Dr. Google

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“Did you consult Dr. Google?”

If your doctor asked you this question, he/she does not understand that you have the potential to obtain answers SUPERIOR to answers the doctor provides. This is because you have access to all the same information as the doctor does. You have the ability to discuss and collaborate on health questions with thousands of people. You now have access to an emerging world of health tools that allow you to track health measures and impact them. You have more health power in your own hands than anyone ever before in the history of the world.

Yet the paternalistic, “I’m the doctor, you’re the patient, I’m the one who went to medical school” mentality persists, causing the doctor to dismiss your contribution to health decisions.

This is the age of being Undoctored. The health you can obtain through your own efforts without the doctor are not almost as good, not on a par with, but is SUPERIOR to the health achieved through the doctor.

My new book is Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor. Available in all major bookstores and Amazon.

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