New Undoctored book hits bookstores today

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My new book, Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor, hits bookstores today, May 9th, 2017. I will be hosting a Facebook LIVE event today, also, at 5 pm Eastern/4 pm Central/3 pm Mountain/2 pm Pacific.

I want Undoctored to spark a revolution, a revolt against the healthcare system and its predatory ways. Undoctored sums up the lessons learned from the six years of the worldwide Wheat Belly experience that witnessed hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people achieve slenderness and health. Undoctored expands the discussion to show readers how even greater levels of health can be achieved when YOU take control away from doctors, drugs, hospitals, and the healthcare industry and apply all the new tools available to us.

Among the important additions/changes introduced in Undoctored:

  • I show why the doctor and the healthcare industry are not on your side–never were, never will be. There is plenty of lip service about “healing” and “caring,” but that’s just marketing. The goals of healthcare have little to do with health but everything to do with growing revenues. I know because I was on the inside for 25 years and was privy to locker room and board room conversations.
  • I show how to distinguish good health information from bad. Much of the “research” to back up statin drugs for cholesterol, for instance, is little more than thinly-veiled marketing and is therefore as reliable as a TV commercial for breakfast cereal.
  • I discuss how we collaborate to obtain the information advantages of crowd wisdom. Part of the Undoctored project is a data collection initiative in which we will collect the health data of thousands of people to chronicle health improvements over time. This allows you to follow your own progress, compare it to other people, and allows us to show the collective results to government agencies, health insurers, or any organization interested in seeing what health looks like on a large scale.
  • I discuss why the Undoctored Wild, Naked, and Unwashed program serves the intrinsic needs of the human body and thereby yields outsize benefits of the sort allow hundreds of health conditions to reverse.
  • I discuss why Undoctored is not a “diagnose your own disease” program, nor an encylopedia of health treatments. Instead, we reverse the conditions that allow diseases to develop in the first place, then watch as the majority reverse or disappear.
  • I discuss how to incorporate the many new health measuring devices and smartphone apps into your day to further empower your health efforts.
  • I provide Undoctored Protocols that add a few more steps to undo conditions such as osteoporosis/osteopenia, high cholesterol, and calcium oxalate kidney stones, conditions that respond to the basic program but require some additional natural efforts.
  • I will announce the upcoming launch of several online Undoctored projects such as Undoctored Connect, a social site to discuss Undoctored concepts; Undoctored Inner Circle, a membership site with unique services including a Virtual Meetup that allows people to meet in virtual “rooms” to discuss their program with me and other people and view video webinars; and several Undoctored Learning Courses to amplify the Undoctored experience, including Undoctored U that provides certification to healthcare practitioners.

All in all, the Undoctored book and projects are an ambitious effort to undo all the harm that healthcare has inflicted while never actually providing health. The code on magnificent health has been cracked and Undoctored gives it to you, plain and simple.

The Undoctored book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and all major booksellers. I shall be announcing the release of Undoctored online programs in coming days and weeks.

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