Man Boobs, Muffin Tops and Bagel Bumps

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Muffin tops, man boobs, and bagel bumps: These are among the varied and perverse ways that the hormonal distortions inflicted on unwitting humans who consume the seeds of grasses, i.e., grains, show themselves.

In our modern world filled with thousands of processed foods, there are plenty of landmines for health. Gummy bears and gumdrops will rot teeth, for instance. Indulge in a handful of dried prunes and you’ll have to schedule a substantial portion of your day on the toilet due to bowel irritants.

But only wheat and grains are associated with a wide swath of health problems that range from autoimmune disease to mental illness. Among the most striking outward manifestations of wheat/grain consumption are due to the hormonal distortions they inflict, disruptions of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, insulin-like growth factor, and insulin.

Among the most striking outward signs of wheat/grain-induced hormonal distortions are:

Muffin tops — The ring of body fat that encircles the abdomen is not just a challenge to find properly fitting blouses, but also a confident sign that there is also excess visceral fat surrounding the abdominal organs, the inflammatory fat that increases risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia. You don’t even have to be overweight or have a high body mass index, BMI, to have a muffin top. I saw plenty of people with this pattern of muffin tops on otherwise slender people in Paris, France, for example, the so-called “skinny fat people.” (There are plenty of obviously overweight people there, too, contrary to popular opinion.)

Man boobs — More properly called “gynecomastia,” or what I’ve previously called “the Dolly Parton Effect,” enlarged breasts on males is the product of the A5 pentapeptide, a specific 5 amino acid peptide breakdown product from the gliadin protein of wheat, that is a potent stimulant for pituitary release of the hormone prolactin. Pro + lactin = encouraging lactation, including growth of breast tissue in anticipation of breastfeeding. Prolactin activity is therefore natural and normal in a pregnant mother–but not in a male. Prolactin levels in grain-consuming males can be twice as high as non-grain consuming males.

Breast enlargement is also encouraged by the abnormal increased expression of the aromatase enzyme in the visceral fat of the wheat belly that converts testosterone to estrogen, resulting in low testosterone and high estrogen in males. This can also be responsible for reduced libido, weight gain, and emotionality.

Bagel bumps — In some people, the accumulation of visceral belly fat is not accompanied by an outwardly visible muffin top, but shows as the abdominal protuberance that looks just like an 8- or 9-month pregnancy, what I call a “bagel bump.” It’s not clear why some people have this form of weight accumulation versus a muffin top, but bagel bumps appear to be every bit as inflammatory and insulin-blocking as the muffin top pattern.

There are several other ways that the hormonal disruptions of wheat and grains show themselves, such as increased period pain in menstruating females, increased male-pattern hair growth in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility for women, acne, skin tags, impaired erectile ability in males, reduced libido in both men and women.

My point in all this? Go to your next state fair, shopping mall, or nearest Walmart and you are going to be witness to the astounding commonality of these perversions of human physiology. While “official” sources of health information blame the individual for eating too much and moving too little, such simplistic advice completely dodges the issue of hormonal distortions that plague the public, much of it developing due to their advice to “eat more healthy whole grains,” an unnatural, inflammation-provoking, hormonally-disruptive way to eat.

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