Madeline’s Wheat Belly success . . . in a real world

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Madeline shared her story on our Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox private Facebook page. Her experience highlights many important aspects of this lifestyle, but especially how health can be transformed by sticking to this lifestyle and not being confused by “gluten-free” foods, the misguided advice of doctors, and overcoming stress that is inevitable in everyone’s lives.

Her reward? Magnificent transformation in her health and appearance, all achieved by rejecting conventional dietary advice.

“I’m posting to show that not everyone looses at the same speed–don’t be discouraged. I lost 10 lbs almost immediately, then stalled for months. I was raised in my Greek father’s diner surrounded by my mother’s big Italian family. Food is love. Both my brother and my sister have had great success with weight reduction surgery… I refuse to go that route.

I read the original Wheat Belly Book in August, 2011 while on vacation and had great success giving up gluten and soy. But it wasn’t until February, 2016 that I started my grain-free and sugar-free journey.

“I started this plan with an excellent blood pressure 118/72, a pre-diabetic A1C of 6.1, and a fasting blood glucose level of 140. Taking no prescribed medications at all, I was the picture of health if you overlooked my pre-diabetes and my severe obesity. My mother had her first heart attack at the same age I am now, at 53, from a blood clot caused by undiagnosed diabetes. My doctor warned me I was at risk to follow her footsteps. Something had to change.

“My digestion had me ‘running’ to the bathroom, my joints hurt, my legs were swollen like tree trunks and my right lower leg throbbed. I awoke tired after a good 8-hour sleep. I took Musinex and Zyrtec every day to keep allergies at bay. Prevacid was also part of my daily routine. Not to mention all the Tylenol and Asprin I was taking. I kept an asthma rescue inhaler in my purse for emergencies. My skin was thick and dark in creases around my neck, elbows, knuckles and behind my knees. My upper arms were bumpy like chicken skin. I often got face acne, more like a teenager than a woman my age. My ears itched and the tinnitus ringing in my left ear was deafening.

I travel often for business and fast foods kept me company on my 5+ hour car rides. When I started in Feb. 2016, the first six months were difficult and stressful. New job, very sick parent, his passing; then grieving. I cheated a bit, until I realized I was just cheating myself. I had only lost 10 lbs that first 6 months. And my health was no better.

“In September 2016, I dedicated myself 100% to this WOE. I buckled down, taking supplements and carefully counting net carbs in everything. I became a good detective and when traveling for business often treated dinner like a scavenger hunt; looking for compliant foods. I have spent an evening in a strange town I call ‘fast food alley,’ wandering the grocery store. Sometimes I wound up with a small container of cultured full fat sour cream, a 1/2 pint of raspberries and some nuts.

“My non-scale victory? In the last six months, I feel great and I am getting healthy. My IBS is gone. My allergies? Gone. My acid reflux? Gone. Leg pain? Gone. My inhaler expired, I have not used it since September. My skin is clear, I no longer get acne, by joints are no longer dark in color and my upper arms are smooth. My legs are not as swollen and the pain is gone. I no longer take OTC’s for anything. My tinnitus is almost gone. My blood sugar is also much better. Waking blood sugar is 108 (dawn phenomenon) and stays below 90 at almost all times, even after a large meal. Last weeks blood work showed an A1C of 5.7 and fasting BS of 85.

Additional NSV? I lost many inches. I went down two dress sizes. My clothes fit better. I started intermittent fasting. Eating all my food in an eight hour time slot 16:8. This allowed me to lose the second 10 pounds for a total of 20 (so far). I’m now working to determine how much protein I need and I suspect I need to eat even more fats.

“I’m planning on continuing this WOE for the rest of my life. So much good information and thoughtful posts. I’m looking forward to the rest of my grain-free, sugar-free life!

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