Look what Kathy accomplished on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

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Kathy provided an update on her Wheat Belly lifestyle that began with the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox. You may remember Kathy, as she previously shared her story:


The photo at the top is Kathy’s most recent update, looking not only healthier and more slender, but younger.

“2.5 years following the Wheat Belly way of life! Thank you Dr Davis and April Duval for showing me the way!  Lost 80 pounds, gained 25 years of health and youth back. Maintaining beautifully.

“The before pic was taken 9 years ago and I wasn’t even at my heaviest at that point. The before pic is the result of decades of low-fat, high carb, ‘healthy’ whole grain poisoning. This way of eating WORKS. Follow the plan 100% to the letter and you will have success.

“I’m 54 years old and feel 24. I’ve slipped here and there but I’m reminded very quickly why I need to stay compliant when I feel like complete crap after eating something non compliant. Soldier on, Wheat Belliers! You can do this!

“I will add that in the before picture, my hair was starting to thin out on the top and the back and it’s growing back now.”

It’s the reversal of inflammation that is responsible for achieving, in effect, age reversal with benefits that go beyond that of just weight loss. 80 pounds lost is nothing to sniff at, of course, but Kathy has achieved so much more than weight loss. This is why the Wheat Belly lifestyle is so powerful.

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