Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

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The benefits of prescription drugs and procedures are commonly exaggerated 10-, 20, or 30-fold over the real benefits through statistical manipulations.

The doctor is often told, for instance, that “This statin drug reduces heart attack by 36%,” when the real value is more like 1%. But the doctor hears “Of every 100 heart attacks, 36 will be prevented,” a wild exaggeration of the real data. And that is what the doctor passes onto his/her patients.

Imagine a stockbroker told you that he could return 36% per year in your stock portfolio–you’d be thrilled . . . until he only returns 1%. You would be very upset. Yet that is done commonly, every day, in healthcare. Doctors accept such false advertising and pass it onto you.

In my new Undoctored book, I show how such misleading numbers are generated and why it is important for you to recognize such exaggerations, among the first steps you take in freeing yourself from the predatory practices of the healthcare system. Only when you accept that healthcare does not have your best interests at heart can you begin to take the steps to free yourself and live your life Undoctored.

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