L. reuteri, collagen, and strength training to minimize loose, sagging skin after weight loss

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Combine our unique strategies of

  1. Consuming our L. reuteri yogurt that boosts oxytocin
  2. Supplement collagen hydrolysates
  3. Strength train

to minimize or prevent loose sagging skin after substantial weight loss, as typically happens on the Wheat Belly and Undoctored lifestyles.

L. reuteri boosts oxytocin that makes gaining muscle much faster and more effective. Oxytocin also provokes a marked increase in dermal collagen, amplified further by supplementing collagen hydrolysates. The combination of these three strategies stacks the odds in your favor of not having to deal with the loose skin folds after losing, say, 50, 100 or more pounds.


All right, Doctor William Davis here, author of the Wheat Belly and Undoctored books. So you’re doing my programs: Wheat Belly Total Health or the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program, and you’re losing weight. You’re losing 18, 25, 35, 50, 80 pounds, but you’re worried that you’re going to have saggy skin.

Well, I can’t tell you that this approach is guaranteed to work. But I think it really stacks the odds in your favor, of not dealing with loose folds of skin, that sometimes have to be removed surgically — they can get infected, and actually die — not mention they’re unsightly. So what can you to do to stack the odds in favor of not having those loose sagging skin problems?

First of all, do all the components of my programs. Don’t leave anything out. Each and every component plays a role in restoring health, including skin health (as we’re talking about here). So fish oil counts. Vitamin D counts, right? Wheat and grain elimination counts. Capping your net carbs counts. Each and every component counts. But there’s more you can do.

Think about supplementing collagen hydrolysates. A tablespoon or two per day helps increase dermal collagen. It smooths wrinkles. It increases joint lubrication. It helps you regrow cartilage and joints, like knees and hips — though gradually and slowly over a long period of time. It helps restore skin suppleness.

Even more powerful than collagen hydrolysates is our Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt.

The yogurt, half a cup of day, made by the recipe that I provide — in our making L.reuteri recipe on my Wheat Belly blog and Undoctored blog — consuming ½ cup of day, boosts the hypothalamic (the brain’s) release of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is fabulously effective for increasing dermal collagen, strengthening skin and accelerating healing.

Combine the oxytocin boosting effect of our yogurt with collagen hydrolysates, and you have this magnificent synergistic effect to increase skin health and suppleness, and reduce the potential to have those loose sagging folds of skin.

Lastly, the oxytocin boost you get from the yogurt also dramatically increases muscle mass and strength. Most people who have been overweight, especially if you yo-yo dieted over the years, have lost substantial muscle mass. Combine strength training with the L.reuteri yogurt and oxytocin, and you have a dramatic increase in muscle. That also helps you not have saggy skin folds.

So collagen hydrolysates, the oxytocin boosting effect of our L.reuteri yogurt, and strength training: do those three things, in addition to our basic components of the programs, and you have stacked the odds in favor of not having to deal with those loose folds of skin.

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