I will be LIVE on the Undoctored Inner Circle

Found on: http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2017/06/will-live-undoctored-inner-circle/

I shall be LIVE again on the Undoctored Inner Circle Virtual Meetup on Tuesday June 13th at 4 pm Central/5 pm Eastern/3 pm Mountain/2 pm Pacific.

Let’s discuss the Undoctored program: pitfalls, difficulties, and ways to succeed. The Virtual Meetup function allows us to meet as a group to discuss issues or questions via live video.

(The Undoctored Inner Circle is a paid membership site that includes features such as the live Virtual Meetup, webinars, the Undoctored Health Network video collection, and a Discussion Forum.)

To join, go to the Undoctored Inner Circle and sign in.

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