I will be LIVE on the Undoctored Inner Circle Virtual Meetup Saturday, Aug 5th

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I shall be LIVE again on the Undoctored Inner Circle Virtual Meetup on Saturday August 5th at 1 pm Eastern/12 pm Central/11 am Mountain/10 pm Pacific.

Let’s discuss the Undoctored program with a specific focus on bowel flora, as this is the most common tripping point on the program. The Virtual Meetup function allows us to meet as a group to discuss issues or questions via live video. In addition to our open discussion, I would like to discuss how the Inner Circle site is going to help fund and build our Undoctored movement, taking us closer to a world in which healthcare is (almost) free.

NOTE: A portion of the Meetup may be recorded for promotional uses. If you do NOT want to have your voice or video shared, please mouse over the left lower corner of your Meetup screen to turn off audio and video input (avatars for a microphone and video camera). I will announce when I am recording and when it is turned off.

(The Undoctored Inner Circle is a paid membership site that includes features such as the live Virtual Meetup, webinars, the Undoctored Health Network video collection, Health Tool Product Reviews, and a Discussion Forum.)

To join, go to the Undoctored Inner Circle and sign in.

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