I leg press 415 pounds . . . many times

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While the human study has not yet been performed, an experimental model has demonstrated that senile loss of muscle (“sarcopenia”) is dramatically reversed by oxytocin. Atrophied muscle cells in elderly mice plump up and grow, making old muscle virtually indistinguishable from young muscle.

I’ve previously discussed how aging in humans is associated with loss of 35-50% of total muscle mass, a phenomenon readily visible by looking at most people in their 70s and 80s. And we should view muscle mass and strength as biomarkers of aging, as greater muscle and strength are associated with better agility, less falls, fewer injuries, greater bone mass, higher levels of growth hormone, and other markers of youthfulness.

Does the restoration of muscle from consuming our oxytocin-boosting L. reuteri yogurt occur in humans? I believe it does. I’ve now witnessed this in a number of people, including myself.

I personally gained 13 pounds of muscle over a 3 week period while going to the gym twice per week for a brief 15-20 minute strength-training session. I also saw my strength increase. While I used to handle 130 pounds for 8-10 repetitions on the lat pulldown machine, for instance, I now handle 200 pounds for the same number of repetitions. I bench press 170 pounds, leg press 415 pounds (that’s as high as the machine goes, so I go for higher repetitions, as I no longer have the patience to stack plates on a barbell), two-arm deltoid row 190 pounds, all for high repetitions. I’m 61 years old.

I’m not boasting. I am simply illustrating the breathtaking restoration of muscle mass and strength that results from the oxytocin burst we obtain from the L. reuteri yogurt. The increase in muscle and strength has made climbing stairs a snap, it has made shoveling snow or raking leaves child’s play.

The increase in muscle is much more dramatic if you engage in some form of strength training. Gains appear to be minimal without it. I believe that muscle/strength restoration is part of the panel of age-reversing effects the L. reuteri yogurt provides, effects that include thicker skin, increased dermal collagen, accelerated healing, and increased libido.

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