How to use the Wheat Belly and Undoctored books for maximum benefit

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There are 6 books in the entire Wheat Belly series dating back to September, 2011. It’s been a glorious few years watching so many people experience spectacular health and weight transformations doing the opposite of conventional dietary advice, with many of their stories highlighted here on the pages of the Wheat Belly Blog, as well as the Official Wheat Belly Facebook page.

Seasoned Wheat Belliers already know a lot about navigating the different content of the Wheat Belly books. But we’ve had so many newcomers that I thought it would be helpful to discuss how and when each of the Wheat Belly books can be used to derive maximum benefit. Know how to put the Wheat Belly, as well as most recent Undoctored, concepts to work maximizes your chances of a magnificent success in achieving your goals of weight loss, age reversal, regaining health, being freed from prescription drugs and the ignorance of doctors and the healthcare system, and looking and feeling wonderful.


This is the original Wheat Belly book that upset dietitians, caused doors to be slammed in the corridors of Big Food companies, and the USDA commissioner to pop Tums every couple of hours because it picked on wheat, the grain held in highest regard among food manufacturers and providers of conventional dietary advice. Wheat Belly introduced the world to modern high-yield, semi-dwarf wheat, the man-made 18-inch tall plant that wreaks extraordinarily harmful effects on humans consuming it.

Read this book if you want to understand what has happened to modern wheat at the hands of geneticists and agribusiness to take something not good for health (traditional wheat) and convert it into the most destructive component of the modern diet.

30 recipes are included.



Wheat Belly Total Health took the Wheat Belly arguments further, rejecting all seeds of grasses–“grains”–and discussing why consuming them was a dietary disaster of the largest order. A little heavier on the science, reading this book provides the scientific rationale to explain why the Wheat Belly lifestyle achieves such incredible benefits.

This is the book to read if you also want to stack the odds in your favor of fully reversing health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or triglycerides, neurological diseases, skin rashes, and many others. This is also the book that includes an extensive discussion of how to break a stubborn weight plateau.

There is a section on what I call “functional recipes,” i.e., recipes not for everyday foods but to create specific foods that provide health advantages, such as magnesium water, fermented vegetables, yogurts, and kefirs, and bone broths and soups.


WB 10 day 3d1d-1


I wrote the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox for people who don’t really care to hear the rationale and science but just want to get up and running on their Wheat Belly lifestyle ASAP. It is also designed to help anyone who has fallen off the bandwagon to get back on as quickly and confidently as possible. Step-by-step, meal-by-meal, the 10-Day Grain Detox provides the menu plan and strategies to easily incorporate the nutritional supplements that are part of the program. There are also recipes (the Great Persuaders) that can be used to persuade any naysayers in the household.

We have been launching periodic 10-Day Grain Detox Challenges so that readers can join groups of people all detoxing at the same time. There is also an online e-course for anyone wishing to have more support through their Wheat Belly Detox program.



The Wheat Belly Slim Guide is a portable reference to help navigate grocery stores, restaurants, health food stores, and your day-to-day life to help answer all those little questions that crop up like “What ingredients will I need to make a Wheat Belly Pizza?” or “What could I use to safely thicken my sauce for dinner tonight?”. Small enough to carry along in your purse, the Wheat Belly Slim Guide can come to your rescue whenever you need it.

The Slim Guide includes a summary of the Wheat Belly approach to cultivating bowel flora, including a list of prebiotic fiber sources; a list of Wheat Belly safe sweeteners and flours; a  7-day Menu Plan; handy shopping lists; Wheat Belly Happy Hour: a list of Wheat Belly-safe alcoholic beverages; and more. 



Wheat Belly 30-Minute Cookbook Cover


The Wheat Belly 30-Minute (Or Less!) Cookbook helps make the Wheat Belly lifestyle as quick and easy as possible. In addition to easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, main courses, and snacks, there are recipes for baking mixes, basic breads, pita chips, wraps, and tortillas. There is also an entire section devoted to recipes for sauces (barbecue, marinara, Thai red curry, tartar and others), salad dressings (Sun-Dried Tomato, Creamy Tomato Cilantro, Spicy Cajun Mayo, others), and jams and butters.

There are also menus for special occasions such as Movie Night, Pub Night, and Romantic Evening.




Wheat Belly Cookbook cover copy


The original Wheat Belly Cookbook is packed with 150 recipes for breakfast, lunch, main courses, snacks, and desserts. There is an extensive section called The Wheat Belly Bakery that helps you recreate the baked products, such as Rye Bread, Soft Pretzels, Walnut Raisin Bread, Strawberry Shortcake, and Mocha Walnut Brownies so that you can meet any need such as entertaining friends, pleasing kids, or filling out a holiday menu.






Undoctored, as its name suggests, puts personal control over health back in your hands. We continue many of the strategies of the Wheat Belly lifestyle but expand them with lessons learned through this worldwide experience, while adding new dimensions and practices:

        • The Undoctored Wild, Naked, and Unwashed program causes you to revert back to the way humans were supposed to be eating and living all along to mimic the behavior and health of primitive people who have virtually no modern diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity (still lived to old age if they did not succumb to injury or infection)
        • How to obtain reliable health information by learning to distinguish good health information from unreliable
        • How to collaborate on answering important health questions
        • We discuss how to incorporate new health tools (apps, devices) into tracking health measures to obtain even greater levels of health. There are also Undoctored Protocols that address health conditions that do not fully respond to the Wild, Naked, Unwashed program, such as osteoporosis/osteopenia, coronary disease, migraine headaches, and calcium oxalate kidney stones.

      I won’t kid you: Undoctored is a more serious read. It may anger you, it may shock you. But you will never look at healthcare the same. And, if you follow its ideas, you may just rediscover what it feels like to be fabulously healthy in ways your doctor simply won’t comprehend.

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