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Why did primitive people who had no toothbrushes, fluoridated toothpaste, dental floss, or dentists have almost no tooth decay?

Enter the seeds of grasses–grains–and tooth decay exploded. Just look at dental health through the Middle Ages, 17th, 18th, 19th centuries: dental health was a huge public health problems along with cholera and goiters.

Today, we compensate with modern dental hygiene but, if you continue to consume grains (and sugars), you are inviting more dental problems. Banish all grains and you have taken a huge step towards preserving dental health.


Hi everybody, Doctor William Davis, author Wheat Belly and the Undoctored books. I call this “how to divorce your dentist” because there’s so many lessons about diet, when you look at the history of tooth decay. You know, I wish every dentist was an expert in diet, because there’s so many lessons to take from dental health and tooth decay.

Did you know that prior to the consumption of grains (that is the seeds of grasses) that began around 10-12,000 years ago — before the consumption of seeds of grasses, dental decay was very uncommon. A million years ago, 2 million, 3 million years ago, the skulls recovered from back then, nearly always have full mouths of intact healthy teeth — no cavities, no abscess formation, no tooth loss, and these people often lived until age 40, 50, 60 or 70. People did live a long time, if they survived the childhood years.

But they had no dental floss, toothpaste, fluoridated toothpaste, toothbrushes, dentists, fluoridated water, orthodontists. They had no dental hygiene to speak of, short of a twig maybe, to pick out some loose fragments of wild boar they just ate. They had virtually no tooth decay, despite having virtually no dental hygiene.

Well, why would that be? They didn’t eat grains that contain amylopectins, that rot your teeth. Amylopectins, recall, are the carbohydrates from grains, that are almost instantly turned to sugar in your mouth. It’s like eating a bunch of sugar. Sugar is also a source of dental decay, but we all know that. But we’re told to eat “healthy whole grains”, not told, that the amylopectin carbohydrate rapidly is converted to sugar by the enzyme amylase in your saliva, also in the stomach — it’s converted to sugar — rots your teeth.

When humans added the seeds of grasses, grains, like einkorn wheat (the ancient ancestor of modern wheat), or maize and corn, and millet, and other grains, there was an explosion in tooth decay, such that, once people added grains, tooth decay increased to 16 to 49% of all teeth recovered. They were crooked, and rotten, with cavities, and abscess formation, and tooth loss.

In that observation is an astounding insight into dental health. Don’t eat grains, and dental decay and other associated dental problem, plummet. Now, I don’t really mean that you have to divorce your dentist. There’s a good reason to see them, because your prior life may have been filled with grains and sugars, right, so you may have to deal with a dentist just because of prior habits. But once you go grain-free, you will be astounded at how much better dental health can be.

Imagine if we started children out this way, and they didn’t have to deal with tooth decay, tooth loss, tooth aches, all that kind of stuff. And when their adult teeth came in, they’re healthy, aligned properly, and last them a lifetime. You could imagine, if ancient people lost their teeth at age say 11 or 14 or 20, and they’re eating foods they caught, often raw, well you can’t do that, when you’re missing eight teeth, or half of your teeth. You would probably die. It takes a long time, for instance, to chew raw food.

Tooth decay exploded with the introduction of grains. That’s why, if you read historical accounts of the Middle Ages, of the 17th century, 18th century — tooth decay was a huge public health problem. In modern times is not quite the same problem, because we’ve compensated with all these efforts at dental hygiene — toothpaste, etc, dentists.

What if we instead, didn’t become so reliant on dental hygiene alone, and got rid of the food that triggers extravagant tooth decay: grains, the seeds of grasses. So, continue your dental hygiene efforts, but recognize that you’ve taken away this extravagantly effective producer of tooth rot, tooth decay, that is; grains.

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