Early reviews of the new Undoctored book

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Some early reviews of Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Be Smarter Than Your Doctor are coming in on Amazon. Here’s a sample:

Dr. Davis is hero.

Being an MD, I can tell you that the medical profession has unfortunately become an industry. Of course if you get hit by a bus or shot, you need the medical services but regarding treating chronic disease the medical profession falls way short. It is crucial to take responsibility for one’s own health. In general it is all about the diet. The diet is under your complete control I have been on a ketogenic diet for several years and after all my research, it is the way to go. Limit carbs to no more than 50 gms per day and preferably less than 25. As Dr. Davis states to ditch all the grains and carbs except for high fibrous vegetables.

Dr. Davis brings to light the fact that the medical industry is about profit. Big pharma is not to be trusted as they very misleadingly claim spectacular results by using relative risk vs. absolute risk. This is clearly seen in the advertising of the statin studies. In my opinion, this is the biggest hoax. Cholesterol is not the culprit. It is sugar/carbs as Dr. Davis states. Big pharma does not spell out all the side effects of which there are many.

Forget about the USDA which has given us the food pyramid. It is the exact opposite of what we should be eating. I met a PhD biochemist for the USDA. This man was morbidly obese. Right, we should take advice from him. These guidelines have caused significant damage, deaths, and disabilities. Just look around and you will see it is rare to find a thin person. We have been eating extremely excessive amount of carbs and frankenfoods for decades now and we have never been fatter. Please take Dr. Davis advice and you will be on the road to health.

Read this book!

I’m not all of the way through this book yet, but I’m thrilled, more than thrilled that this information is finally available for the average person to read and to learn. I watch too many people with chronic diseases — some are actually dying and nothing is being done for them except to increase and stuff them full of drugs. I live in deep south Texas which has the highest rate of diabetes in the world. The diet recommendations are to eat more and more carbs, cut out fat (which does not raise blood sugar) and take drugs, drugs and more drugs. It’s insane and unethical and happening everywhere.

Years ago my husband and I embarked on a pretty much undoctored lifestyle. We are 66 and 60, respectively and we do not go to the doctor unless something (like a bone) is broken. We have health issues, but understand they are unlikely to be improved by drugs and that’s all modern medicine offers. We changed our diet to a Paleo style diet and our blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation dropped. We added magnesium and our blood pressure dropped. Wow, there’s a world of health out there that most people don’t know anything about. Dr. Davis is simply trying to tell us all the truth. The American public is being hoodwinked and bamboozled.

Maybe he should take some words from the Movie, Terminator — “Come with me if you want to live.” Austrian accent inserted. Read this book and do what Dr. Davis is trying to tell us all to do — Think for ourselves and break the stranglehold that the current medical system has on most of us. Most chronic diseases, including autoimmune and cardiovascular disease can be cured or greatly improved without drugs. I know, my husband and I have done it. We are looking forward to using Dr. Davis’ systems to improve over what we’ve been doing on our own.

Take your health back!

AMAZING! Life changing information to take your health into your own hands. I have been living the Wheat Belly Lifestyle for a year. I stopped following conventional advice to restrict calories, I no longer exercise to balance out food intake, no more following my plate guidance!! Undoctored takes the Wheat Belly Lifestyle to the next level!!

By following Dr. Davis’s key strategies I am 44 pounds lighter, down almost four clothing sizes and feel healthier them I have ever felt!! Thank you Dr. Davis!

Amazon Customer:
A fresh look at how we eat.

I bought the Kindle version and am well pleased with this viewpoint. I felt like I was talking to a doctor that really in interested in my health and not pushing meds on me to get me out the door. It doesn’t say you HAVE to have only organic, grass fed, etc in order for this way of eating to work. Dr Davis gives an ordinary person who doesn’t have unlimited funds or access to more than the local grocer a way to give their health a boost and possibly become independent of big pharma.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be healthy and not running to the doctor constantly? And if you can gain health benefits by following his advice, why not? I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking understand why/how and to change their way of eating.



Dr. William Davis has literally saved my life. Wheat Belly lifestyle: no more diabetes, PCOS, psoriasis, IBS, high blood pressure, acid reflux, arthritic joints and bones, and 60 pounds gone. Gut health, blood sugar, supplements, it’s all outlined in the book as to how these things can be healed in order to get healthy.

He’s telling you how to do it, not telling you to buy his own line of food, supplements, shakes, pills, all that BS. I wished I’d had this knowledge decades ago, I could have saved myself a lot of time and pain. Thank you Dr. William Davis!

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