DIY Vitamin D

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Given the critical importance of vitamin D in overall health—prevention of fractures, increased bone density, reduced insulin levels, reduced risk for multiple forms of cancer and dementia, reduced cardiovascular mortality, etc.—you’d think that doctors would be experts in managing it correctly. Sadly, that is not the case—most doctors are either indifferent or largely ignorant of how to best manage vitamin D. They typically, for instance, accept the (absurd and unfounded) “reference range” of 10-30 ng/ml quoted by many labs as the accepted value, failing to recognize, for instance, that levels in this range are actually associated with greater cancer risk.

If the doctor is nearly useless in helping you manage vitamin D, including often refusing to run the blood test or giving you flawed information on how to manage it, why do you need the doctor? Why not take the Undoctored DIY Healthcare approach and DIY vitamin D?

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