DIY Thyroid, Part 3: Thyroid Hormone Replacement

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This is part 3 of a video series on managing your thyroid on your own because most doctors refuse to incorporate new ideas and insights into thyroid health. They refuse, for instance, to assess your T3 status and help correct it, refuse to help deal with hypothyroidism even if you have gained 18 pounds and have no energy (offering an antidepressant before they acknowledge a thyroid cause), or insist that levothyroxine is the only form of thyroid you should take. If you receive such bad information and cannot find a supportive healthcare practitioner to help you achieve ideal thyroid status, then DIY Thyroid—get it done yourself.

This video discusses how to replace thyroid hormones, T3 and T4; how to recognize need for T3 + T4 preparations; management long-term to get towards ideal thyroid status.

Achieving ideal thyroid status stacks the odds in favor of feeling happy, not feeling cold and tired, gaining control over weight, cardiovascular risk, and other aspects of health.

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